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Zo Quests Update Log Patch Notes

The samurai game Roblox Zo has released a new update that brings quests to the game!
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The new Quests update was released for Roblox Zo on November 12th, 2021. This patch adds quests that you can now complete to earn in-game souls, which you can use to purchase items. There’s also now a Kills leaderboard, to see where you rank with other players. Other updates have been added as well, so check out the patch notes below for all of the details.

There’s some new freebies to get, which you can find on our ZOぞ Codes page!

Zo Quests Patch Notes

Quests have been added! You can complete quests that refresh every few days and earn in-game souls or benefits from them. This is still in a BETA, so there may not be very many quests yet. Many more coming soon!

  • Added cycling for the avatars in the shop
  • Added the “Death” Questline
  • Added the “Souls” Questline
  • Added the “Bell” Questline
  • Added the “Killstreak” Quest

Kills Leaderboard

Added a TOTAL KILLS leaderboard so top players can show-off to their friends! Thanks to Lewis_Schumer for the technology to enable this, more updates may come eventually with total kills/souls etc. (Souls are NOT kills, and spending them will NOT decrease your current kill count.)

Halloween Content

  • Added the Scythe of the Pumpking to the shop, for the people that have it.
  • Removed the other Limited Halloween Skins from the shop for people who don’t have them. (Candycorn Claymore, Candycorn Javelin, Lollibop)
  • Removed the Halloween code


  • Reverted the map from the Halloween Theme
  • Reverted the Lighting from the Halloween Theme, updated some properties of it
  • Added a new area to the map!
  • Now you can give your thanks to the wonderful Buddha statue up close in person.


  • Implemented another fix for the Axe of the Fallen Bug…Again.
  • Added a new code or two…… 😉
  • Removed Ferns

That’s everything you need to know about the new Quests update for Roblox Zo! We’ll have more content for this combat heavy samurai simulator in the near future.

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