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How to make a bow in Muck

Ranged weaponry is always a plus in survival games, so we'll take you through a step-by-step process on how to make a bow in Muck!
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If you’re looking to take out some targets from long range in Muck then you’re going to need a bow! While these aren’t too difficult to craft, they do require some specific items that will give you the ability to fire at enemies and animals from a distance.

How to craft a bow in Muck

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make a bow in Muck, you will need to create some rope and have some wood. This is pretty easy, and just requires that you explore around your world for some wheat. Once you locate some, you can bring it over to the Crafting Table to make the Rope. Crafting Rope will give you the recipe for the bow, and just requires some wood to complete!

  1. Chop Some Wood

    Look for a normal tree nearby and either smack it with a rock or chop it down with your axe. You will need at least 20-25 wood in total for the items required to make the bow.Muck Tree Image

  2. Create a Workbench

    Use 10 of that wood you chopped down to craft a Workbench. You can do this by opening up your Inventory (Tab) and dragging the table down into your toolbar or into your inventory. Select the Workbench and place it into your world by right-clicking.Muck Workbench Image

  3. Find Wheat

    You will now need to locate Wheat! It’s bright yellow and grows all-around the land. You will just need to run around until you find some. You will need at least 10 pieces of Wheat.Muck Wheat Example Image

  4. Craft Rope

    Once you have the Wheat in your possession it will open up the ability to craft Rope at a Workbench. Use some of that leftover wood to craft 10 Bark, and combine it with your Wheat to create the Rope.

  5. Make the Bow

    Now that you have all that material you need, you’ll just need to the Tools section of the Workbench and find the bow. Double click on it to craft it, and you will have your first ranged weapon!Muck Bow Creation Image

Your bow should now be completed! You will also need some arrows to go along with your bow, so make sure to mine some Flint from Stone and have some extra wood on hand. Shooting the bow can also be a bit tricky, but you can learn to do that on our how to use a bow guide!

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