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How to use and fire a bow in Muck

If you want to use and fire a bow in Muck then you're going to need to have some knowledge on how the game works to make it happen! Never fear because we'll teach you exactly the steps you will have to take to start launching arrows at your enemies.
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Muck is a free-to-play survival based game that is similar to Minecraft, but is a bit more on the wacky side! To survive the days in this game, you’re going to need to have a wide-variety of tools at your disposal. One of the important weapons you will need to be able to use is the bow, and you will learn how in this post!

If you haven’t gotten a bow yet, be sure to check out our how to make a bow guide!

Using and Firing a Bow in Muck

Using a bow in Muck will require you to equip the bow in your toolbar, and then most importantly you will need to equip arrows to your character. You can do this by crafting arrows, opening up your inventory with the TAB key, and then dragging them to the arrow slot of your inventory. Once you have done that you will be able to equip your bow and fire whichever arrows you added to the slot!


  1. Craft yourself a bow
  2. Craft arrows of any type
  3. Open your inventory
  4. Move the arrows to the arrow slot at the top left
  5. Equip your bow
  6. Fire at will!
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Now that you have the arrows equipped, you can fire the bow as you’d use any other tool. Put the bow in your toolbar, and then select it to put it in your hand. Press and hold left-click to pull back the bow string and then let go when you want to fire it! You will want to aim a bit higher than you’d think because it will fire below the crosshair and it will drop the further it travels.

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