King Legacy Update 5 Log and Patch Notes Released

Roblox King Legacy has just dropped their big new Update 5 that brings a bunch of new content, revamps, and changes to the game!
Roblox King Legacy Gate Fruit Purple
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Roblox King Legacy players are set for an immersive experience with the latest Update 5. This update ushers in a range of system changes, new contents, and skill adjustments, all designed to alter the gameplay significantly. Some new freebies were added, you will find them on our King Legacy Codes page!

Or if you’re after a guide on how to get to the newly added Third Sea in King Legacy, then we have you covered!


The game’s UI has undergone several adjustments for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Notably, the Legacy Fruit’s gacha system now displays drop rates, adding transparency to the process. The chances of obtaining rarer fruits increase with the use of a greater key. Various aspects like the Trade Offer, Server Browser, Settings, Map, Awake Shop, Trading, and Ally’s UI have also been refined. A particularly useful addition is the Search Bar in the Black Market/Gift Shop UI.

The introduction of different keys – Copper, Iron, Gold, and other higher rarity keys, obtainable through the Gacha NPC, adds depth to the item acquisition process. These keys are non-tradeable, emphasizing the game’s progression system. The Legacy Fruit Trader, where players can exchange a fruit to obtain a key, is another exciting feature.

Content and Awakening

Update 5 introduces the Third Sea, raising the level cap from 4000 to 4300. Players can now unlock the Love Awakening and Saber V2, adding new dimensions to combat strategies. The addition of two new Legendary Fruits, a new sword, and new materials promise a richer in-game environment. The Abyssal Legacy Battlepass is another notable inclusion, offering unique rewards and challenges.

An energy bar for specific skills like Ice’s Flight, Magma Flight, Bomb’s Flight, and Spike V Attack provides better control and strategy planning. Night Blade skills can now be toggled between V1 and V2, offering versatility in combat. Hydra Island and its chest have been adjusted for better loot opportunities.

Skill Changes

A major revamp in sword skills has been implemented, affecting a wide range of weapons from Night Blade to Bisento. Adjustments to skill speeds, based on the radius, and restrictions on casting skills while swimming (unless transformed) are key updates. Overall effect systems have been stabilized, and the Conqueror ability now includes a teleport cooldown and a cooldown bar display.

Armament and Island Changes

The Armament System sees significant improvements, with the ability to view its level within the Stats Menu. Armament stages have been diversified, with each stage offering incremental damage and defense boosts. The update also allows players to hide accessories in the settings menu. Adjustments to Stats Points to align with the new Level Cap and nerfing of Raid Boss HP make the game more accessible and balanced.

Island changes include HP adjustments for various bosses across the First and Second Seas, making them more challenging yet manageable. The Third Sea has been added, featuring the formidable Saber Lord and new daily and level quests. The spawn time for Second Sea Raid Bosses has been reduced, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

The following details come from the official King Legacy Discord and have been slightly reformatted.


System Changes

  • Adjusted the game’s UI.
  • Adjusted Legacy Fruit’s gacha system.
  • Displays the drop rate by using the key to unlock fruit’s chest, which will randomly provide the player a fruit.
  • if the player contains a greater key, the chances of a rarer fruit will increase.
  • Adjusted the Trade Offer’s UI scale for improved item quantity visibility
  • Adjusted the Server Browser’s UI.
  • Adjusted the Setting UI.
  • Adjusted the Map UI, to enable the display of island information
  • Adjusted the Awake Shop’s UI.
  • Adjusted Trading UI.
  • Adjusted Ally’s UI.
  • Adjusted Inventory Backpack’s UI.
  • Added a Search Bar to the Black Market/Gift Shop Ui.
  • Key List:
    • [Common] – Copper Key can be purchased through the Gacha NPC.
    • [Uncommon] – Iron Key can be purchased through the Gacha NPC.
    • [Rare] – Gold Key can be purchased through the Gacha NPC.
    • [Epic] – ??? Key
    • [Legendary] – ??? Key
    • [Mythical] – ??? Key
      All of these keys are untradeable.
    • Added Legacy Fruit Trader.
      • You can exchange a fruit to obtain a key.


  • Added Third Sea
  • New level Cap 4000 —> 4300
  • Added Love Awakening
  • Added Saber V2
  • Added 2 New Legendary Fruits.
  • Added 1 New Sword
  • Added New Materials
  • Added New Abyssal Legacy Battlepass
  • Added an energy bar, displaying the time left for certain skills.
  • Ice’s Flight (E)
  • Magma Flight (E)
  • Bomb’s Flight (E)
  • Spike V Attack
  • Applies to skills, movement related Etc…
  • Night Blade skills can now be switched back and forth (V1 to V2) by speaking to the Night Blade Master.
  • Adjusted Hydra Island. Chest, increased chances of Tier 3 and 4 chest.
  • Fixed Legacy/Hydra Chest opening animation.
  • Adjusted the limited range of Auto-Setspawn setting.
  • Adjusted support for Xbox Controller/Play station 5.
  • Displays button outputs for the current system.
  • Fixed the “M1” Fighting Style for Cyborg/ DarkLeg.
  • Owners of Private Servers may now use ‘/shutdown’ command to shut down the server.
  • Adjusted the Bounty System
  • Global Bounty Reset / Leaderboard Reset.
  • From now on you may receive bounty upon defeating all Bosses. (Cool down per Boss is every 2 hours) (bounty that can be obtained from bosses are capped at 3,000,000)
  • Bounty PvP Boost: The more bounty a player has, the greater the damage/defense boost you will receive.
  • You can check the PvP Boost through an NPC located near the player Leaderboard.

Skill Changes

  • Revamped Sword Skills
    • Night Blade ( V1 / V2)
    • Katana
    • Mini Mace
    • Pipe
    • Jitter
    • Gold Spear
    • Triple Katana
    • Pole
    • Tashi Blade
    • Shark Blade
    • Anubis Axe
    • Adventure Knife
    • Mom Blade
    • Kioru (Z)
    • Hunter Blade
    • Sunken Blade (X)
    • Hell Sword
    • Authentic Mace
    • ATK (V2)
    • Xmas Blade
    • Sweet Lozenge
    • Bisento
  • Adjusted the skill’s speed based on the radius.
    • Flame (C) Unawakened
    • Ice (X) Awakened
    • Mom Blade (X) Skill
    • Saber (Z) Skill
    • Pole (Z) Skill
    • Demon Trident (X) Skill
  • Players can no longer cast a skill while swimming unless they have transformed into a Dinosaur, etc.
    • Adjusted the Sky Jump to make it smoother, as well as the Ship.
    • Adjusted Overall, the effect system has been adjusted to make it more stable and seamless.
    • Adjusted Conqueror
  • Added Teleport Cooldown.
  • Added a Cooldown bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Conqueror’s color now corresponds to the Armament color you own
  • Observation V2’s eye color will depend on the Armament you own.
  • Adjusted Conqueror ability to stun players with a lower amount of bounty if your own bounty surpasses theirs.
  • Additionally, If a player’s bounty is equal to or greater than an enemy’s, the Conqueror won’t harm them.
  • Added an Arc Rainbow Color Aura on Swords.
  • Adjusted all Swords’ animations.
  • Moved the Armament Storage NPC to the First Sea.

Armament Changes

  • Added an improvement to Armament System
  • Owners of Armament may now view it’s level within the Stats Menu.
  • You may change the appearance with each stage, the buff remains the same.
  • Stage 1: No Buff
  • Stage 2-6: increases +1% Damage and 1% Defense for each Stage level.
  • Added an option to Hide Accessories in the Settings Menu, all equipment can still be viewed with Observation V2.
  • Adjusted the amount of Stats Points to match the Level Cap, increases by 3 points per Level.
  • Raid Boss HP have been nerfed due to the change in Stats Point, allowing it to be easier to defeat without to much difficulty.

Island Changes

  • First Sea :
    • Expert Swordman : 1,500,000 ⨠ 440,000 HP
    • Monster 750,000 >> 250,000 HP
  • Second Sea :
    • King Samurai I 1,000,000 ⨠ 500,000 HP
    • King Samurai II 1,250,000 ⨠ 750,000 HP
    • Dragon 1,500,000 ⨠ 1,000,000 HP
    • Sea King 2,500,000 ⨠ 1,575,000 HP
    • Ghost Ship 3,000,000 ⨠ 750,000 HP
    • Hydra I 2,000,000 ⨠ 1,100,000 HP
    • Hydra II 3,000,000 ⨠ 2,200,000 HP
    • Kraken Tentacle 525,000 HP (75k per tentacle)
  • Added New Third Sea:
    • Saber Lord: 3,750,000 HP ( Spawns every 1 hour)
    • New Daily Quests
    • New Level Quests
  • Reduced the spawn time for 2nd Sea Raid Bosses:
    • Ms.Mother every 2 hours.
    • King Samurai every 1 hour.
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