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Want to know the exact value of a Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) in Pet Simulator X? We've got the price you're looking for so that you can sell or buy this pet!
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We've got an up-to-date Roblox Pet Simulator X price listing page for Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare)! Looking to find the most accurate and updated Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) value? Check out the latest prices in our guide below. We update this page frequently, so make sure to check back when you're going to be making a trade!

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Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) Value

Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) Normal Values

  • Normal: 25,000,000,000 Diamonds

The current value of a Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) in Pet Sim X is estimated at 25,000,000,000 for the Normal version.

Keep in mind that prices are always fluctuating and every time a new update is released you might see some drastic changes to value.

How to get the Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare)

The Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) is an Exclusive pet and was released on May 27th 2023. You can get the Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) via Robux (100% Chance).

Pets Obtained from the Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare)

Pet Chance
Nightmare Spirit50% Chance
Nightmare Bear35% Chance
Nightmare Kraken13% Chance
Huge Nightmare Spirit1.25% Chance
Huge Nightmare Kraken0.7% Chance
Titanic Nightmare Cat0.05% Chance

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How are our values calculated?

The metrics we utilize to determine the values of pets in Pet Simulator X are diverse and comprehensive. They include insights from experienced traders, feedback from the game's community, observations from player booths within the game, and the actual in-game RAP (Recent Average Price) of pets. These factors are all taken into account to ensure accurate and fair pricing.

To maintain clarity and consistency in pricing, all values are standardized in diamonds, as using any other metric could lead to confusion and potential discrepancies. By using diamonds as the universal unit of measurement, the values of pets can be easily understood and compared by all players.

What is does the "RAP" value mean?

RAP is a metric used to evaluate a player’s collection value. This stands for “Recent Auction Prices”, which is the average sold value of a pet at auction. Each time a pet is sold via the Auction House in the game, the amount will be recorded. The game then averages the value based on how many times the pet has been sold and for how much to assign its RAP value.

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While RAP is a somewhat helpful metric, it isn't always the most accurate. Extremely rare pets like Titanics or some Huges for example are not as accurate due to lack of sales in the auction house. The metric can also be abused, if players sell pets to each other to drive prices down.

What are the different Pet rarities?

There are currently Normal, Golden, Rainbow, Dark Matter, and Shiny rarities for pets. As of now, Shiny is the only rarity that you can't create specifically, which makes it the hardest to get. There will likely be more rarities added to the game in the future.

That should hopefully help you with the price of the Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare) in the game! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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