Retro Gadgets announces November launch date for Early Access

Indie simulation game Retro Gadgets will let players build their own tech later this month.
Retro Gadgets Announcement
Image: Licorice ehf / Studio Evil

Retro Gadgets, an upcoming indie simulation game where players build and customize their own gadgets, has officially revealed that it will launch on November 30th, 2022. Early Access gameplay will be available on Steam, and the indie can be wishlisted today.

Retro Gadgets was developed by Licorice ehf and Studio Evil. While this is a debut for the former, Studio Evil has more than a few indies under their belt. They are generally known for Syder Arcade from 2013, a throwback to 90’s Amiga games, which understood how to make an effective game out of a simple hook.

Retro Gadgets is a very different animal, letting players create electronic gadgets in a sandbox. It remains to be seen just how much freedom players will actually have, but this is certainly a unique premise. It’s another way to indulge your own creativity, which tends to bolster replay value and general interest. Whenever games let the players contribute, it creates a strong sense of community and intrigue.

There are plenty of tech enthusiasts who should appreciate the opportunity to tinker around like this. As technology advances exponentially, interest in the field is reaching increasingly young audiences. An indie game like this could be a very fun way to spark careers.

After all, there are countless gamers who have already built their own PC out of disparate components for fun, even if some parts have had shortage issues lately. The trailers so far show off some pretty fun gameplay, keeping things simple without losing its flexibility.

The meditative vibe will also be inviting for those who are seeking out something casual to pass the time. This makes it well-suited for mobile gaming, so Steam Deck owners would enjoy taking this one on the road. Hopefully, it’ll join the Switch sometime, assuming the title performs well.

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Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

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