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Roblox Anime Mania All Characters – Dragon Ball Update!

There's a whole lot of powerful characters available to you in Roblox Anime Mania! We've got an entire list of them all, so you can know which of your favorites are in the game.
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Roblox’s Anime Mania has you taking on swarms of enemies as you pilot some of your favorite characters from different Animes! You can make up a team of three, and head into a map solo or with a group. Try to survive the waves of enemies as they are unleashed upon you. Make sure to keep from harm, because if the swarm gets you then the scenario is over!

You will need to collect gems and use them to spin for the characters that are currently available in the shop. The more rare the character, the less likely you are going to get it. However, if you spin enough, there is a pity timer that will guarantee you a legendary! Once you have that enabled, make sure to wait for your favorite legendary to show up in the shop.

If you’re looking to get more characters, then be sure to check out our Anime Mania Codes page which will get you some free gems that you can use for spins! You can find the rankings of the best units in our Anime Mania Tier List post.

All Characters in Anime Mania

Here are all of the characters we know of right now for Anime Mania broken down by rarity! If we’re missing a character, please let us know in the comments.

New Characters (Dragon Ball Update)

  • Stagger
  • Child Boo (Kid Buu)
  • Pink Son Monkey (Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black)
  • Son Monkey [SSJ] (Super Saiyan Goku)

Common Characters

  • Echigo (Ichigo)
  • Fuffly (Luffy)
  • Lad (Chad)
  • Laser Belly (Aoyama)
  • Maruto (Naruto)
  • Puryuu (Uryu)
  • Sakaki (Sasuke)
  • Son Monkey (Goku)
  • Tanji (Sanji)
  • Trashura (Sakura)
  • Wami (Nami)

Uncommon Characters

  • Bantai Echigo (Bankai Ichigo)
  • Cog 2nd Fuffly (Gear 2nd Luffy)
  • Deku (Izuku Midoriya)
  • Godalomia (Bartholomeo)
  • Teen Maruto (Teen Naruto)
  • Teen Sakaki (Teen Sasuke)
  • Tukia (Rukia)
  • Zolo (Zoro)

Rare Characters

  • Atika (Akira)
  • Alligator (Crocodile)
  • Chilling Tukia (Bankai Rukia)
  • Concentrated Maruto (Naruto Sage Mode)
  • Coolnareff (Polerneff)
  • Future Hogan (Future Gohan)
  • Grimmjoe (Grimmjow)
  • Hitachi (Itachi)
  • Joesuke (Josuke)
  • Kakugan (Bakugo)
  • Komodura (Komamura)
  • Labi (Dabi)
  • Lad Unhinged (Chad Fullbringer)
  • Melidass (Meliodas)
  • Shinjo (Shinji)
  • Smogger (Smoker)
  • Tangerine (Tanjiro)
  • Tojaro Pujo (Jotaro Kujo)
  • TS Fuffly (Post-Timeskip Luffy)
  • Visorded Echigo (Vizard Ichigo)
  • Zyakura (Byakuya)

Legendary Characters

  • All Mighty (All Might)
  • Awakened Hitachi (Awakened Itachi)
  • Deus (Dio)
  • Freezing Inferno (Todoroki)
  • Hanks (Shanks)
  • Hauled Over (Overhaul)
  • Hawkme (Mihawk)
  • Hellflame (Endeavor)
  • Kentachi (Kenpachi)
  • Lace (Ace)
  • Masta (Asta)
  • Minatoes (Minato)
  • Mochi Master (Charlotte Katakuri)
  • Mudra (Madara)
  • Nil (Ulquiorra Cifer)
  • Nojo (Gojo)
  • Phoenix (Marco the Phoenix)
  • Pisuke (Kisuke)
  • Tamamoto (Yamamoto)
  • Thunder God (Enel)
  • Trolly (Broly)
  • White Bear (Whitebeard)
  • Zakainu (Akainu)
  • Zarrk (Coyote Starrk)

Mythical Characters

  • Majority For Individual (All For One)
  • Prime White Bear (Prime Whitebeard)

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