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Roblox BedWars New Kit: Axolotl Amy

Roblox BedWars has released a new update that brings the Axolotl Amy kit to the game!
Featured Bedwars Axolotl Amy Kit Image

The Roblox BedWars Axolotl Amy kit has just been released on November 1st, 2021! This is a shop kit, which can be purchased for 399 Robux. This is the first update released after the big Season 2 patch was added to the game. The update also brings the new Stopwatch item, which will allow you to travel back in time! There’s also new textures, sound improvements, and some changes to the game. Check out all of the details in the patch notes below.

You can purchase different Axolotls from the Item Shop during a match. The first one is the Shield Axolotl and it costs 20 Iron. The second Axolotl will upgrade your damage, and it costs 50 Iron. Then there’s the Break Speed Axolotl, which will cost 3 Emeralds. Finally, you have the Health Regen Axolotl, which costs 6 Emeralds.

The free kits for this week are Wizard, Lassy, and Melody!

BedWars Axolotl Amy Kit Update Log

Axolotl Amy Kit

Use your pet axolotls to empower yourself and nearby enemies with shields, increased attack damage, faster break speed and health regen.

New Item: Stopwatch

Travel back in time with this new item! Available in all queues.

New Textures!

We revamped nearly every texture in the game! Some maps may look a little strange right now — we’ll be continuing to improve the textures and update each map over the next few weeks.

Sound Improvements

  • New kill sound
  • New wool sounds

Free Kits of the Week

  • Wizard
  • Lassy
  • Melody

Trinity Kit Changes

  • Passive healing now only triggers on close-range attacks
  • Reduced void form healing (15% -> 12%)

Removed Dodo Birds

Dodos have stopped appearing in regular matches. RIP beautiful bird ❤️

New Maps

  • Lumberyard (squads)
  • Fortress (30v30)

That’s everything we know about the new Axolotl Amy Kit that has been added to Roblox BedWars. Be sure to check out our BedWars kits post to see all of the other available kits!

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