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Roblox Blox Fruits Update 14 is now available!

Blox Fruit Update 14 has just arrived, and it brings a whole lot of changes and additions to the game!
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Blox Fruits is a well-known game within Roblox, and is quite popular among players. So, it is not surprising that a lot of them were excited to hear that a new update was on the way for the game! Update 14 is now live and playable, so if you’ve been awaiting some new content then your watch is now over. This update brings an increased level capacity, a new island, YouTuber kill rewards, awakening, fighting style, secret race, and a whole lot more!

If you’re curious about all that was added to Blox Fruit in this update, be sure to check out the full list of changes below. If you’re looking to get some experience buffs or stat resets, be sure to check out our Blox Fruits codes page!

Update 14 Patch Notes

  • Disabled Christmas event.
  • Increased level capacity to 1525.
  • New island added (Forgotten Island):
    • Final 2nd sea island before 3rd sea is added (coming next update).
  • Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin officially added:
    • Instead of candies, it costs regular money.
    • Price increases the higher your level is.
    • Same 2 hours cooldown between purchase.
  • Added Enhancement colors (second sea only):
    • Customize your Enhancement color.
    • Find the Master of Enhancement NPC to buy new colors, or buy them directly with Robux.
    • Weapons like TTK now have a white helix by default.
    • Looks better on blocky bodies. Currently working on a better method for Rthro bodies.
  • Added Youtuber kill rewards:
    • Killing selected youtubers will reward you with a special title (second sea only, different title per youtuber).
    • Additionally, you will earn $250,000 money and 2,500 fragments (both seas, one-time reward), as long as the level difference isn’t greater than 800.
    • Only a few youtubers have been added for now. More will be added later on.
  • Added a new awakening: Rumble.
  • Added a new fighting style.
  • Added a new secret race (specializes against teamers):
    v2 – 10% defense against melee, sword and gun attacks. Additionally, 15% of received damage converts to Energy.
    v3 – Defense increases to 80% against any attack. After 2.5 seconds, releases an explosion equal to 40% of absorbed damage + 7.5% of your max health.
  • Added 2 new swords.
  • Added a few new titles.
  • Added small Premium benefits.
  • Increased max bounty/respect to 25M (doesn’t increase PvP boost after 20M+).
  • Minor upgrade to Fast Mode:
    • Disables certain effects that may cause FPS drops, especially on Dragon fruit.
  • Legendary sword dealer:
    • Changed spawn rate from 4-6 hours to 3-5 hours.
    • Changed despawn time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Reset the raids leaderboard and fixed the exploit to get on top 100.
  • Chat notifications now also show as game notifications (this means Xbox players can now see factory raids).
  • Nerfed Dragon defense from 70% to 62.5%.
  • Reduced the Death Step requirement from 450 mastery to 400.
  • Fixed scam messages in the first world.
  • Fixed the Enhancement effect not scaling correctly on Buddha and Rubber.
  • Fixed fruits gifting menu not showing everyone in the server.
  • Slightly reduced the end lag on TTK Z.
  • Slightly buffed Buddha’s V hitbox.
  • Heavily nerfed Triple Dark Blade.
  • String awakening:
    • Buffed Z range, speed and stun.
    • Buffed X hitbox, stun and charge time.
  • Control:
    • Increased the stun on C.
    • Slightly increased the damage on V.
  • Dough fruit fixes:
    • Fixed the flinging bug with C and F.
  • Dark fruit fixes:
    • Fixed the bug to get people stuck with unawakened C.
    • Fixed awakened V not despawning sometimes.
    • Fixed the awakened C effect getting stuck on raids.
  • Changed a few NPCs.

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