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Roblox Islands Pirate Update Patch Notes!

The Roblox Islands Pirate update brings a whole bunch of new additions including treasure maps, pirates, and new furniture for your island!
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In Roblox Islands, you will be exploring a variety of different areas while creating yourself an island of your very own. The game has experienced many different updates, and this time they’ve brought some swashbuckling pirates to the mix. The new island you can explore is the Pirate Island! Fight off angry crabs, bandits, and brave the fishing of man-eating sharks!

There’s a new currency in the game called Doubloons. You can earn these by completing quests that are given out by the pirate villagers on the island. Use these to purchase treasure maps or ingredients for a powerful new sword. There’s a lot of great items that you can get by digging up treasure chests, including the new pet Crab! Check out all of the other new additions in the patch notes below.

Pirate Update Patch Notes

Pirate Island has arrived! Explore the newest permanent island in this week’s update!

Added Treasure Maps
Added 6 new pirate villagers!
Look out for Pirate Davey on your island!
Added Bandits hidden in the Pirate Island jungle
Added Angry Crabs on Pirate Island
Added Crab Pet
Added Obsidian Blocks & Ores
Added Obsidian Greatsword (crafted from the Obsidian Hilt)
Added Captain’s Rapier — a sword to make you luckier in combat!
Added Crystalized Obsidian, used to craft Obsidian Greatsword with a Crystalized Hilt
Added Treasure Chests, acquire some nice pirate themed furniture, the Captain’s Rapier, or the Crab pet!
Added Sharks (found in the Pirate Island Cove)
Added Pufferfish (also found in the Pirate Island Cove)
Added Kiwi Trees
Added 9 new pirated related pieces of furniture!
Added Pirate’s Cannon — fire yourself in to the distance!
Added Bone Block
Improved ability to hit enemies with magic weapons
Rebound shift-lock camera mode to “CTRL” (same as BedWars)
Various other bug fixes

Sourced from the Roblox Islands Discord

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