Anime Warriors Tier List (June 2023) Best Characters!

We're going to take a look at all of the best characters you can get in our Anime Warrior Tier list. Use these characters to power through the adventures and be the most powerful hero in the game!
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When it comes to getting the best characters in Anime Warriors, you are going to be spinning a whole lot with Crystals unless you are really lucky. The drop rates are very low on the top tier characters, so be ready to grind a whole lot or be dumping many Robux to get the best. We’re taking a look at which characters are at the top of the pack in this Anime Warriors tier list!

Please make sure to not take the list shown as 100% fact. Tier lists are generally mostly opinion based, and you might have different experiences with certain characters. I do not recommend getting rid of any characters you have due to this or any other tier list. It should be used as a template for what kind of characters you might want to try and get, but don’t make any big decisions based upon it.

We have a guide that will show you how to grind for Crystals in Anime Warriors. Be sure to check it out so you don’t have to spend too many Robux attempting to get some of these characters.

Be sure to check out our Anime Warriors codes page to get free stuff that will help get you some new heroes!

Anime Warriors Tier List

This tier list is very early on in the release of the game, so expect things to change as players get a chance to try more of these characters out for longer periods of time. A good benchmark for the characters is that anything under 3-Stars is pretty bad. Anything 3-Star and above is usable, but some are better than others. 5 and 6-Star are elite and the best of the best! Credit to SweePee, I used their list to help create this one.


Not surprising, but all of the best characters fall into the 5 and 6-Star range in terms of rarity. These ones are incredibly rare and hard to get, but there’s a reason for that and it’s because they are really good!

  • Broky
  • Uraha
  • Mihoku
  • The 4th


  • Goora
  • Bejita
  • Sanjuro
  • Zabuso


I have Ruyu personally and they are quite good! The hail of arrows move in the number 2 slot does a ton of damage and has a pretty short cooldown. You can usually wipe out a group with the three moves, and if not you can use your secondary attack to shoot them with arrows!

  • Ruyu
  • Pikkoro
  • Kashidori
  • Zorui
  • Nadda


Son Goku isn’t too bad. His Spirit Bomb move does quite a bit of damage, but it has a very long cooldown. The rest of his moves feel a bit underpowered.

  • Ruffy
  • Son
  • Ichigan
  • Kid Sassy
  • Raditsu


  • Narudo
  • Ched
  • Usopie
  • Master
  • Axe Wielding Lunatic
  • Kid Goran
  • Yamucha
  • Tion
  • Hikuma
  • Kuririn


These are all fodder characters, so you wouldn’t want to use them anyway. They are used for leveling up your better heroes with Yen.

  • Bandits
  • Mizu
  • Marines
  • Mist Shinobi

That’s how are tier list for Anime Warriors is shaking out right now! We have guides on how to get crystals, artifacts, and a list of all the characters in the game to check out.

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