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Demonfall Update Log: 1.45 Patch Notes

The Roblox Demonfall 1.45 update is upon us and is bringing nerfs to Insect Breathing, 2v2 ranked mode, and fixes to exploits that have plagued the game.
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Roblox Demonfall players have been awaiting a new update to hit the game, and they may have to wait a bit longer for a full one. The new 1.5 patch was expected this week, but it has been split into two, so instead we will be receive a 1.45 patch that gets us halfway there. This addition to the game is going to bring the 2v2 ranked mode and a new matchmaking system. The exploits have been hopefully fixed, so you should be able to PVP without as much worry.

There are some balances as well coming to the game. Insect Breathing cooldowns have been increased by 35%, and their poison damage has been reduced by 15%. They have also had their basic attacks stun reduced, so it cannot infinite combo anymore. Mist is receiving a small nerf as well, and the Greatsword’s M1 damage is being reduced.

The patch SHOULD release on July 28th, 2021, but it has been delayed before. You can find all of the details on this patch in the update log below.

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Demonfall 1.45 Patch Notes

2V2 Ranked
Ranked points reset (YOU WILL GET REWARD BASED ON YOUR PREVIOUS RANK! Will announce the rewards soon), and new matchmaking system (You won’t facehashira beingmizunoto anymore)
Fixing almost all exploits (Like no stun, god mode, zenitsu farm …)
Shinobu Haori


Increased insect cooldowns in 35%
Reduced poison damage on insect in 15% (Very small nerf)
Insect basic attacks stun reduced, also it’s not possible to infinite combo anymore in any way
Mist judgment cut damage reduced
Made harder for judgment cut combo extend (Still possible with skill)
Nerfed greatsword M1 Damage, and increased M2 damage since it’s hard to hit

Sourced from Demonfall’s Discord

That’s everything we know about the 1.45 update in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles and Families you can join!

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  1. akayobi

    a change in the mobile button laying making it so mobile can dash in all four directions and be able to use the rush skill. also how does a player get more than 50 sp

    1. yes

      you cant