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How to beat Altered Goliath Mutant in Forspoken

If you need help learning how to defeat the Altered Goliath Mutant Boss in Forspoken, we have a helpful guide to winning the battle!
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Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, who has been transported to the land of Athia, where she has to use her magical powers to get back home. Mutants are bosses that you can choose to engage with (though not required), but they are well-worth contending with to get their rewards. If you need help learning how to defeat the Altered Goliath Mutant Boss in Forspoken, we have a helpful guide to winning the battle!

Altered Goliath Mutant Guide

You can engage with the Altered Goliath by heading to The Blessed Plains or The Sacred Peaks in Cipal (there are two of them to battle in Cipal). There is also one found in Dianthus Wood in Praenost and one at Yonder Cape in Visoria. It is an ogre-like monster that heals itself regularly, which makes battles against it long and arduous at times. It is a difficult mutant to combat early on in the game, so we recommend waiting to get Prav’s Magic before taking the Altered Goliath on.

How to defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken

By waiting to get Prav’s Magic, you’ll be able to use Naedre to inflict poison and paired with Surge can increase its damage potential to its highest. You’ll do some dodging and evading to avoid the beast’s ranged attacks, while working to aim your attacks at the back of its head, where it is weakest. For defeating the Altered Goliath, you’ll receive four Lambert Garlands in The Blessed Plains and four Lucid Garlands in The Sacred Peaks. It also drops four Lucid Garlands in Dianthus Wood.

The Altered Goliath found in The Sacred Peaks also has Kelaino that inflict a daze that drains Frey’s stamina and makes it harder for you to dodge and Flow, so we recommend working your way through the Kelaino and then focusing on the boss.

You will have to be prepared to counter against Boggarts during the battle against the Altered Goliath in Yonder Cape, which we would recommend using Olas’ Magic or Frey’s Magic to do.

Don’t forget to have Healing Draughts on hand to ensure you can heal yourself during battle!

Hopefully, we helped you figure out how to defeat the Altered Goliath boss in Forspoken! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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