Haze Piece Map & Leveling Guide [Peanut+Dough+Cake Island]

Here's our guide on the Haze Piece map and all Island names and locations. We give the names of the level islands, and the best way to know which direction you are facing!
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Haze Piece is a One Piece-inspired Roblox game where you can travel between islands, complete quests, unlock Haki, different skills, and lots of Devilfruits to find. Each island, however, has a specific recommended level range so you can explore the island without dying horribly to enemies in seconds. Here’s a guide on the Haze Piece map and how to use it to navigate to each island. We’ve updated this with the new sea map called Sea 2, which was added in the Haze Piece Sea 2 Update, and three new islands added in the Dough + Soul update!

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Haze Piece Complete Map and Locations Leveling Guide

Haze Piece Sea 2 [Second Sea] Map

Haze Piece has been updated with a whole new ocean called Sea 2! On this new sea, you can find nine new islands. The Max Level has also been increased to Level 3,600. Here’s what each island is called in Second Sea of Haze Piece:

Haze Piece DoughSoul Update Map
Image: Haze Piece Official Trello
  • Level 2400 – Udon Prison
  • Level 2550 – Snowy Graveyard
  • Level 2700 – Desert City
  • Level 2850 – Skull Island
  • Level 3000 – Shadow Island
  • Level 3150 – Peanut Island
  • Level 3300 – Dough Island
  • Level 3450 – Cake Island

If you are wondering how to get to Sea 2, follow our guide here: How to get to Sea 2 in Haze Piece. Or how to get Gear 5? We’ve got you covered.

Haze Piece Sea 1 Map

There are 18 islands to explore in Sea 1 of Haze Piece, but finding which island you need to go to can be a bit of a chore, as they are not ordered by progression. Yet, the map locations are exactly where they are on the map; you just need to learn which direction you are facing to know where you have to go.

Luckily, sailing or flying close to each island will tell you what the island is called, so you can use the map below to know where you must go.

Haze Piece Map
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides
  • Level 1 – Starter Island
  • Level 40 – Clown Island
  • Level 90 – Shark Park
  • Level 160 – Desert Ruins
  • Level 250 – Sea Restaurant
  • Level 350 – Logue City
  • Level 450 – Tall Woods
  • Level 600 – Marine Base Town
  • Level 700 – Three Islands
  • Level 800 – Marine HQ
  • Level 950 – Sky Island
  • Level 1150 – Revolutionary Island
  • Level 1300 – Impel Jail
  • Level 1450 – Half Hot/ Half Cold Island
  • Level 1600 – Fishman Island
  • Level 1750 – Skull Island
  • Level 1900 – Bubble Island
  • Level ??? – Thriller Island. The actual level of this island is 2050.

How to use the Compass to navigate Islands better in Haze Piece

A helpful tidbit that I learned when playing Haze Piece was to use the quest tracker as a compass. If you track a quest using the compass, moving the camera will move the compass. So, if you accept any random quest from whatever island you are on, track it, then go out to sea; you will know what direction you have to go in, as the orange point is the direction of the island you just left. So, for example, if you choose a quest on Starter Island, the orange point on the compass will always be south.

Haze Piece Quest Tracker Compass
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

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