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How to get Candy in Wacky Wizards

We'll show you exactly what you need to do to collect Candy in Roblox Wacky Wizards!
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Roblox Wacky Wizards just released the new Spooky Halloween update that brings the Headed HorseMan to the game with a bunch of stuff you can earn by collecting candy. If you’re wondering how to get this sweet new currency, we’ve got a guide below that features a bunch of information on how to get it as fast as possible!

Find more information on this Roblox game in our Wacky Wizards Wiki!

How to get Candy

To collect Candy in Wacky Wizards you will have three options: Scaring NPCs (Trick or Treating), Hidden Candy, and The Potion Trader. You can use all of these methods to collect a bunch of different candies to use at the Headed HorseMan.

Wacky Wizards Headed Horseman Image

Scaring NPCs (Trick or Treating)

One of the more reliable ways to get candy is to scare NPCs in the game. There’s a board behind the Headed HorseMan with the name of an NPC and the required potion you need to scare them. They are pretty obvious what will work, it usually translates to the ingredient name. You need to bring the potion over to the NPC and drink it in front of them to get the reward!

  • Fire – Fire breathing potion (Rotten Sandwich + Chilli)
  • Witches – Broom potion (Witches Brew + Fairy)
  • Noodles – Noodle potion (Pool Noodle)
  • Farts – Squirting potion (Rotten Sandwich)
  • Spiders – Spider Pet potion (Spider + Pet Tags)
  • Fish – Flounder potion (Fish)
  • Aliens – Alien potion (Alien Parasite)
  • Explosions – Explosive potion (Dynamite)
  • Warts – Warty potion (Spider)
  • Bees – Bee-cannon potion (Gun + Honey)
  • Discos – Discoman potion (Disco Ball)
  • Zombies – Zombie potion (Brain)

Each time you scare an NPC you will get 20+ Candy. This will refresh each day and give you more NPCs to scare! Doing this each day will get you quite a bit of candy.

Wacky Wizards Scare Board Image

The Potion Trader

During the event the Potion Trader will appear randomly in the game. He will have potions listed on a board near him for you to bring to him to get Candy. You will get 10 for each potion you complete. It appears that premium potions can be apart of this, at least they were for me. The Potion Trader will spawn every 30 minutes with new potions to create. That means you can get 30 Candy from this method each time he visits.

When he spawns he will be in front of the sign that announces when the next Cyclops event will arrive! The potions will be different each time that he shows up!

Wacky Wizards Potion Trader Image

Hidden Candy

You can find candy scattered around the map. It will look like a big candy corn and be sparkling. Once one has been gathered from a spot, it will respawn again eventually. If you aren’t seeing them in your game, you might want to leave and go to another one.

Here’s a video of all of the locations:

Here’s one that’s right near the new graveyard area:

Wacky Wizards Graveyard Candy Image

Here’s one spawn location near the Witch’s Cave:

Wacky Wizards Witch Cave Candy Image

Here’s one that spawns near the cauldrons by the lake:

Wacky Wizards Cauldron Candy Image

One candy spawns above the Cave Club entrance at the waterfall:

Wacky Wizards Waterfall Candy Image

Another spawns near the Goblin Village above the entrance:

Wacky Wizards Goblin Entrance Candy Image

There’s also a spawn that is near the NPC developer area:

Wacky Wizards Witch Npc Area Candy Image

Fly up to the Volcano to find one sitting in the middle of it:

Wacky Wizards Witch Volcano Candy Image

One spawns near the Desert area:

Wacky Wizards Desert Candy Image

You can fly up or climb to the top of the big tree obby to locate a spawn:

Wacky Wizards Obby Tree Candy Image

Head to the quiz area in the side of the mountain to find a candy in the entrance area:

Wacky Wizards Quiz Candy Image

One spawns in the right side corner of the Spider Cave:

Wacky Wizards Spider Cave Candy Image

There’s a candy in the corner of the underwater area:

Wacky Wizards Underwater Candy Image

We will add more spawn locations as we find them!

That’s everything we know about getting candy in the game right now. There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Potions & Recipes List and Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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  1. Muariii🌸

    For people who don’t know you can also kill zombies to earn candies once you killed them using any gun but i recommend flame thrower they will drop candy and sometimes they will drop undead ingredient . The zombies will spawn when you enter their area, the area is where you can see tombstones like a graveyard there are 3 of them the first one is near the desert another one is near the goblin entrance. The last one is near the waterfall beside the river. I hope this helps 😀

  2. Hello :)

    Can u please update this site because it’s the 14th for me

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      What about the site needs to be updated?

  3. winning smile

    Hi i found another place where to find hidden candy.
    It is in the cave that used to be for the witches vs. wizards and you have to pour a hot potion and there’s a candy before crossing the bridge!