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Wacky Wizards Alien Update – Potions & Ingredients!

The newest addition to Roblox Wacky Wizards is the Alien update! We have all the details that you'll want to know about this patch.
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In the middle of every week is a brand new update for Wacky Wizards known as Wacky Wednesday! This patch will sometimes bring us a new ingredient, and just about always give us some new potions to brew. We will have all of the information you could want about this week’s Wacky Wednesday that is set to be the Alien Update in this post!

You can find every potion that exists in the game with our Wacky Wizards Potions List post!

Wacky Wizards Alien Update

The Roblox Wacky Wizards Alien update was released on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 at 1pm PST.

The Alien Update has brought the Alien Parasite ingredient to the game. You can get it by completing the UFO quest, which we have in our how to get the Alien Parasite guide!

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Here are all of the new potions added in this update:

Last Week’s Update

Last week brought the Gun Update, which added the Gun and the premium AirStrike ingredients to the game. The Gun can be obtained by leveling up the new “Level” tab of your Potion Book. If you want the AirStrike, you are going to have to pay with Gems to get it!

You can make the following potions with the Gun and AirStrike ingredient:

  • 182: Bullet potionGun (A simple gun)
  • 183: Dynamite slinger potionGun + Dynamite (Sling dynamite!)
  • 184: Giant-ray potionGun + Giant’s Ear (Shoot people with a giant ray!)
  • 185: Flamethrower potionGun + Chilli (BURN PEOPLE!)
  • 186: Bee-cannon potionGun + Honey (Fire bees!!!)
  • 187: Shrink ray potionGun + Fairy (Make people smaller!)
  • 188: Beangun potionGun + Beans (Fire beans)
  • 189: Watergun potionGun + Fish (Squirtttt)
  • 190: Poopy-gun potionGun + Rotten Sandwich (FIRE POOP)
  • 191: Pig Launcher potionGun + Pet Tags (Fire gurt)
  • 192: Poison hair potionGun + Spider (Fire gurt)
  • 193: Buxshoot potionGun + Robux (Fire Robux)
  • P93: Airstrike potion – AirStrike (Call in an airstrike)
  • P94: Shrink-beam potion – AirStrike + Fairy (Hit people and shrink them to death)
  • P95: Freeze-gun potionGun + Frozen Egg (FREEZE PEOPLE!)
  • P96: Bee-swarm potion – AirStrike + Honey (Bee Swarm!)
  • P97: Big-gun potion – AirStrike + Giant’s Ear (Get a very big gun!)
  • P98: Gun-fire potion – AirStrike + Gun (Fire guns… what?)
  • P99: Freeze storm potion – AirStrike + Frozen Egg (Create a storm that freezes players)
  • P100: Throw nukes potion – AirStrike + Dynamite (Throw nukes)
  • P101: Fire napalm potion – AirStrike + Chilli (Fire Napalm)
  • P102: IED potion – AirStrike + Beans (Spawn a bean can IED)

That’s everything we currently know about the Alien Update for Wacky Wizards! We will be covering all aspects of this new addition to the game, so be sure to check out the Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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  1. Wackywoo

    I can’t seem to add myself as an ingredient after this update. Any ideas on how to add myself now? Shrink ray and tiny potion no longer kill the character after drinking the potions ;/

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s bugged right now, but fixed in new servers. You can use my private server if you want:

      1. Wackywoo

        Thanks for the quick reply, it’s working perfect in the private server 😊

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          No problem, glade it helped.