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Wacky Wizards All Potions List (January 2022) – Full Recipes!

We're taking a look at all of the currently available potions, ingredients, and recipes that you can get for Wacky Wizards in Roblox!
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Roblox Wacky Wizards is a very popular game that features you searching a mystical land for ingredients to throw into your cauldron to create mysterious potions. You will need to complete some quests, look around, and even purchase some of these items to obtain all of the recipes. While some of these potions aren’t particularly useful, others can help you travel around much faster, which will help you track down some of these hard to find ingredients!

Learn all there is to know about this game in our Wacky Wizards Wiki!

January 12th, 2022: Egypt Update

The Wacky Wizards Egypt update has launched on January 12th, 2022. New patches will now be released every other week, so hopefully they end up being a bit more polished. We’ll have all the details here as soon as it’s released.

You need to go to the new Egypt area on the map which is located in the desert and bring one of the following ingredients: Frog, Bird, Brain, Fish, and Spider. You need to carry it across the obstacle course over the lava. Once you are on the other side, click on the symbol of the ingredient you are holding to lock it in. Do all of the ingredients like this to earn the new ingredient!

You can use most flying potions without the game detecting you, but that could change. Try using the Flybux potion, which is just Robux and the Bird ingredient!

Here’s a list of all of the new potions in the update:

Free Wacky Wizards Potions List

The following list features all of the potion recipes that can be created with free ingredients. You will need to locate some of them around the map to be able to use them! We have guides for the locations of some of these ingredients, so click on them to learn how to track them down!

  1. Speedy Potion – Giraffe Hoof (Speed your character up)
  2. Squirting Potion – Rotten Sandwich (Un oh! Poo Poo!)
  3. Pool Noodley Potion – Pool Noodle (Give yourself noodle arms!)
  4. Tiny Potion – Fairy (Make yourself smaller!)
  5. Flounder PotionFish (Flop like a fish!)
  6. Floating PotionBird (Get Lighter!)
  7. Explosive PotionDynamite (Booooooom)
  8. Zombie Potion – Brain (Become a zombie!)
  9. Warty PotionSpider (Get Warts)
  10. Camouflage PotionChameleon (Camouflage to your surroundings)a
  11. Giant Potion – Giant’s Ear (Become huge)
  12. Hot PotionChilli (Catch on fire!)
  13. Beany PotionBeans (mhmmm beannnnnssss)
  14. Jandel PotionJandel’s Head (Become Jandel (Creator))
  15. Foryxe PotionForyxe’s Head (Become Foryxe (Creator))
  16. Cleetus PotionCleetus’s Hat (Become Flamingo)
  17. Identity Theft PotionYou (Clone yourself)
  18. Unresolved Size Potion – Fairy + Giant’s Ear (Keep getting smaller and bigger)
  19. Enlarged Head Potion – Brain + Giant’s Ear (Grow your head)
  20. Tiny Head Potion – Brain + Fairy (Shrink your head)
  21. Tall Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear (Get taller)
  22. Shrink Ray PotionChameleon + Fairy (Shrink yourself to death)
  23. Leg Day Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Fairy (Get tiny legs)
  24. Wide Load PotionBeans + Giant’s Ear (Get wide)
  25. Iron Potion – Pool Noodle + Giant’s Ear (Get big arms!)
  26. Long Neck Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Pool Noodle (Long neck)
  27. Centipede Potion – Pool Noodle + Spider (Become a centipede)
  28. Digging Potion – Pool Noodle + Beans (Become a worm)
  29. Rocket PotionDynamite + Bird (Prepare for liftoff!)
  30. Bald Potion – Brain + Chilli (Burn off your accessories)
  31. Fire Walking PotionBird + Chilli (Walk on fire!)
  32. Fire Breathing Potion – Rotten Sandwich + Chilli (Breathe fire!)
  33. Swim PotionBird + Fish (Swim in the air!)
  34. Mermaid Potion – Fairy + Fish (Become a mermaid)
  35. Puffed PotionBeans + Fish (Become a puffer fish)
  36. Octo Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish (Become a octopus)
  37. Air Jumper PotionBird + Giraffe Hoof (Double jump)
  38. Bang Potion – Brain + Giant’s Ear + Dynamite (Grow… Then bang your dead!)
  39. Ticking Potion – Brain + Dynamite (Head explosion… ouch)
  40. Bouncy Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite (Explode your feet)
  41. Firework Potion – Pool Noodle + Dynamite (Turn yourself into a firework)
  42. Exploding Squirts Potion – Rotten Sandwich + Dynamite (Poo that explodes!)
  43. Popping PotionBeans + Dynamite (POP)
  44. Speckled PotionSpider + Chameleon (Rainbow colored warts)
  45. Ragdoll Potion – Brain + Rotten Sandwich (Ragdoll)
  46. Limp Potion – Pool Noodle + Rotten Sandwich (Go limp…)
  47. Slowing Hoof Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Rotten Sandwich (Walk slower)
  48. Giant Squirts Potion – Giant’s Ear + Rotten Sandwich (Hugeee poo poo)
  49. Cloning Farts Potion – Fairy + Rotten Sandwich (Poo mini-me versions of yourself!)
  50. Buirts PotionBeans + Rotten Sandwich (I don’t feel so well)
  51. Invisible Potion – Brain + Chameleon (Turn invisible)
  52. Invisible Head Potion – Brain + Chameleon + Brain (Spooookkky no more head!)
  53. Legged Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Spider (Grow spider legs)
  54. Minions Potion – Fairy + Spider (Have spider minions!)
  55. Ghostly PotionBird + Spider (Turn into a ghost)
  56. Banana PotionBeans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy (Become a gorilla!)
  57. Long Head Potion – Brain + Beans (Streeetcheddd head!)
  58. High-Heel Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof (Wear high heels!)
  59. Doppelganger PotionYou + Chameleon (Become your neighbours!)
  60. Headwards PotionYou + Brain (Turn your head upside down!)
  61. Upside Down PotionYou + Brain + You (Turn yourself upside down!)
  62. Wizard PotionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head (Become Oz the Wizard!)
  63. Heatseeking PotionDynamite + Bird + Dynamite (Dangerous flying)
  64. Sally Potion – Pool Noodle + Cleetus’s Hat (Become earthworm sally…)
  65. Nuclear PotionDynamite + Giant’s Ear (Be careful not to touch anything!)
  66. Levitate PotionBird + Fairy (Levitate!)
  67. Skinny Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Fairy (Be skinny!)
  68. Rolling PotionYou + Pool Noodle (Rolllinnnngggg!)
  69. Bouncy Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite + Beans (Bounce Bounce Bounce!)
  70. Crumbly PotionChameleon + Beans (You’ve eaten so many beans that you have become them)
  71. Robux PotionRobux (Drop a trail of Robux!)
  72. Empyreus PotionRobux + Brain (Get a Dominus Empyreus!)
  73. Link PotionRobux + You (Become the richest player on ROBLOX!)
  74. Hat-Grower PotionRobux + Giant’s Ear (Grow your accessories)
  75. Buxly PotionRobux + Chameleon (You are so rich you have become the bux)
  76. Korblox PotionRobux + Giraffe Hoof (Get Korblox!)
  77. Sketch PotionSketch (Become Sketch!)
  78. Jayingee PotionJayingee (Become Jayingee!)
  79. Flybux PotionRobux + Bird (Become a flying ROBUC!)
  80. Poor PotionRobux + Rotten Sandwich (Hey, this ROBUX potion didn’t work!)
  81. Square PotionRobux + Fish (MR KRABS!)
  82. Mr. Rich Potion – Cyclops Eye (Please don’t fire any cannons at me…)
  83. Golden PotionRobux + Fairy (Become a golden statue!)
  84. PremiumSalad PotionPremiumSalad (Become PremiumSalad!)
  85. Invert PotionWitches Brew (Invert the world!)
  86. Vomit PotionWitches Brew + Beans
  87. Broom PotionWitches Brew + Fairy (Fly on a broomstick!)
  88. Pumpkin PotionWitches Brew + Robux (SUPER RARE PUMPKIN!)
  89. Detacher PotionWitches Brew + Brain (CATCH YOUR head!)
  90. Crow PotionWitches Brew + Bird (Summon your crow army…)
  91. Smelling PotionWitches Brew + Pool Noodle (Grow a witches nose…)
  92. Truck PotionWitches Brew + Giant’s Ear (Get Big Ears!)
  93. Witchy PotionWitches Brew + You (Become Glinda the witch!)
  94. Twitchy PotionWitches Brew + Rotten Sandwich (TWITCH TWITCH TWITCH)
  95. Banging Warts PotionWitches Brew + Dynamite (Have explosive warts!)
  96. Ratty PotionWitches Brew + Spider (Become a rat!)
  97. Punchy PotionBoxing Gloves (Big boxer)
  98. Hot-Punch PotionBoxing Gloves + Chilli (Punch them on fire. WHO)
  99. Gravity-Punch PotionBoxing Gloves + Bird (Anti gravity punching. DO)
  100. Brains-Punch PotionBoxing Gloves + Brain (Zombifying punching. YOU)
  101. Kaboom PotionBoxing Gloves + Dynamite (Pack an explosive punch. TRUST)
  102. BEANOCK PotionBoxing Gloves + Beans (Punch people into Beans)
  103. KnockPunch PotionBoxing Gloves + Giant’s Ear (Punch people away!)
  104. Noodle combo potionChameleon + Pool Noodle (Combine for more noodle arms!)
  105. Spahetti potionChameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool Noodle (Spaghetti Arms!)
  106. Firey-arms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Chilli (Fire Noodle Arms!)
  107. Big-arms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Giant’s Ear (BIG Noodle Arms!)
  108. Neon potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Witches Brew (NEON Noodle Arms!)
  109. Beanrms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Beans (BEAN NOODLE ARMS!)
  110. Broom Potion – Fairy + Witches Brew + Dynamite (Troll potion, that explodes)
  111. Fancy zombie potionRobux + Chameleon + Brain (A very fancy zombie :))
  112. Lanky potionJustin (LANKY BOX :))
  113. Spiderman potionYou + Spider (SLING WEBS!)
  114. Flame-rolling potionYou + Pool Noodle + Chilli (FLAMING ROLL!)
  115. Letss-gooo potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + You (DA BABY ARMS!)
  116. Poisoonn potion – Rotten Sandwich + Boxing Gloves (Poison people with your punches!)
  117. Headless potionBird + Brain (Lose your head!)
  118. Long Rat potion – Spider + Witches Brew + Pool Noodle (Become a long rat)
  119. Oink potionPet Tags (Get a pet pig :))
  120. Trunk potionPet Tags + Giant’s Ear (Get a pet elephant)
  121. Creepy-crawly potionPet Tags + Spider (Get a pet spider)
  122. Lizard potionPet Tags + Chameleon (Get a pet lizard!!!)
  123. Ssssssssssssss potionPet Tags + Pool Noodle (Get a pet snake!!!)
  124. Magical potion – Fairy + Pet Tags (Get a pet unicorn!!)
  125. New Zealand potionPet Tags + Jandel’s Head (Get a pet Kiwi!!!)
  126. New Zealand potionPet Tags + Foryxe’s Head (Get a pet Kiwi!!!)
  127. Armed potion – Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Pool Noodle (Grow spider arms)
  128. Bee disguise potionSleepy Bee (Become a bee)
  129. Honey potionHoney (Get covered in honey!)
  130. Onett potionYou + Honey (Become Onett!)
  131. Buzzing potionBird + Honey (Grow bee wings)
  132. Rushhh potion – Giraffe Hoof + Honey (SUGARRR RUSH!!!)
  133. Honeymelt potionChilli + Honey (Melt into honey)
  134. Sweet-arms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Honey (Honey flavored Noodle Arms!)
  135. Rainbow-body potionHoney + Chameleon (Turn into a lovellly rainbow!)
  136. Buzz potionHoney + Pet Tags (Get a pet bee)
  137. Queenly potionHoney + Robux (Become the queen bee)
  138. Buzzy head potionHoney + Brain (Get a bee for a head)
  139. Fire farting potionBeans + Chilli
  140. Hot-noodles potionEggcano (Get pretty hot Noodle Arms!)
  141. Hot-noodles potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano (Same as 140, might be bugged!)
  142. Cloneboom potionEggcano + You (Poor little clone!)
  143. Flash potionEggcano + Giraffe Hoof (Run like THE FLASH AHHHHH)
  144. Exploding-bee potionEggcano + Honey (Bee that explodes!)
  145. Fireball potionEggcano + Bird (Become a fireball!)
  146. Flaming-skin potionEggcano + Chilli (MY SKINS ON FIRE!)
  147. Sssssssssss potionEggcano + Dynamite (Become a creeper!)
  148. Hot-rich potionEggcano + Robux (Get a dominus!)
  149. Steamy potionEggcano + Fish (Turn into a cloud of steam :()
  150. Melty potionEggcano + Rotten Sandwich (Turn into lava :()
  151. Firebee potionYou + Honey + Eggcano (Turn into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator!)
  152. Cano potionEggcano + Pool Noodle (Turn into a small beancano!)
  153. Boxing potionEggcano + Boxing Gloves (Kickboxing!)
  154. Sticky-arms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + Honey
  155. Glowing potionEggcano + Chameleon (GLOW IN THE DARK)
  156. KSI potionKSI (Become KSI)
  157. Blood-sucking potionBird + Fairy + Spider (Grow bat wings!)
  158. Potion-arms potionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle (Potion Arms!)
  159. How did u find this? potionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Chameleon (RAINBOW Potion Arms!)
  160. Fumblebottom potionKaden (Become Kaden Fumblebottom)
  161. Jellyfish potion – Pool Noodle + Fish (JELLYFISH)
  162. Bouncy-body potion – Brain + Rotten Sandwich + Bird (BOUNCY BODY)
  163. Sweetball potionWitches Brew + Honey (Throw a honey ball!)
  164. Creepy hands potion – Giant’s Ear + You (Grow creepy hands)
  165. Bean-man potionBeans + KSI (Become the bean man!)
  166. Frog potionFrog (Become a frog!)
  167. Frog-legs potion – Giraffe Hoof + Frog (Grow Frog legs!)
  168. Prince potionYou + Frog (Become a cursed prince!)
  169. Tadpole potionFish + Frog (Become a tadpole!)
  170. Thicc potion – Giant’s Ear + Frog (Grow big legs)
  171. Banging-feet potionDynamite + Frog (Explode when you jump)
  172. Grapple-tongue potion – Brain + Frog (Use your frogs tongue)
  173. Hibernation potion – Rotten Sandwich + Frog (Go to sleep)
  174. Infinite potion – Fairy + Frog (Infinite double jump)
  175. Lilyjump potionBird + Giraffe Hoof + Frog (Double jump and place a lily!)
  176. Eyes potionChameleon + Frog (Grow eyes that stare at people… creepy…)
  177. Bounce-high potionBird + Frog (Jump higher!)
  178. Lilypad-jumping potionBird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + Frog (Jump on a lilypad infinitely!)
  179. Frog-boxing potionBoxing Gloves + Frog (Wart… Boxing… Gross…)
  180. Wall walker potion – Giraffe Hoof + Frog + Spider (Walk on walls)
  181. Eeely potion – Pool Noodle + Frog (Morph into an eel)
  182. Bullet potionGun (A simple gun)
  183. Dynamite slinger potionGun + Dynamite (Sling dynamite!)
  184. Giant-ray potionGun + Giant’s Ear (Shoot people with a giant ray!)
  185. Flamethrower potionGun + Chilli (BURN PEOPLE!)
  186. Bee-cannon potionGun + Honey (Fire bees!!!)
  187. Shrink ray potionGun + Fairy (Make people smaller!)
  188. Beangun potionGun + Beans (Fire beans)
  189. Watergun potionGun + Fish (Squirtttt)
  190. Poopy-gun potionGun + Rotten Sandwich (FIRE POOP)
  191. Pig Launcher potionGun + Pet Tags (Fire gurt)
  192. Poison hair potionGun + Spider (Fire gurt)
  193. Buxshoot potionGun + Robux (Fire Robux)
  194. Cow disguise potionCow Hat (Disguise yourself as a cow)
  195. Alien-arms potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Alien Parasite
  196. Martian monkey potionJandel’s Head + Alien Parasite (Become a Martian Monkey)
  197. Parasite potion – Rotten Sandwich + Alien Parasite (AHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE)
  198. Vapor potionDynamite + Alien Parasite (Get vaporized)
  199. Alienhead potion – Giant’s Ear + Alien Parasite (Grow a big aliens head)
  200. Eyeyyyy potionFrog + Alien Parasite (Grow ALIEN EYES)
  201. Legs potion – Giraffe Hoof + Alien Parasite (Alien Legs)
  202. Neon potionChameleon + Alien Parasite (Become a bright green alien)
  203. Zero-gravity potionBird + Alien Parasite (LOSE ALL GRAVITY)
  204. DNA-scramble potionGun + Alien Parasite (DNA scrambler gun)
  205. Alien-clone potionYou + Alien Parasite (Become who you touch)
  206. Alien-eruption potionEggcano + Pool Noodle + Eggcano (Slime eruption)
  207. Alien-baby potion – Fairy + Alien Parasite (BABABY REDACTED)
  208. Alien potionAlien Parasite (Alien Parasite)
  209. Nexure potionNexure’s Head (Become Nexure!)
  210. Nomer potionNomer’s Head (Become Nomer!)
  211. Void star potionVoid Star (Become StarWars!)
  212. Long-bee potion – Pool Noodle + Sleepy Bee (Become a LOONG BEE)
  213. Gill potionAxolotl (Grow Axolotl Gills)
  214. Axolotl potionYou + Axolotl (AXOLOTL)
  215. Flying-bean potionBird + Beans (Become a flying bean)
  216. Fedora potionFedora (GAMER)
  217. Mariofly potionMariofly5’s Mask (Become Mariofly5)
  218. Discoman potionDisco Ball (Become the man of disco)
  219. FIRE MUH LASER potionAlien Parasite + Disco Ball (Fire Lasers)
  220. Techno-viking potion – Giant’s Ear + Disco Ball (Become the Techno Viking)
  221. Confetti-cannon potionGun + Disco Ball (Fire the confetti cannon)
  222. Neon-body potionChameleon + Disco Ball (Become the neon party animal!)
  223. Disco-head potion – Brain + Disco Ball (Grow a disco head!)
  224. Disco-body potion – Brain + Disco Ball + You (Become the disco)
  225. Confettiplosion potionDynamite + Disco Ball (Explode into confetti)
  226. Tail potionWitches Brew + Disco Ball (Tail)
  227. Afro potionRobux + Disco Ball (Get that bling bling afro)
  228. Rainfro potionRobux + Disco Ball + Chameleon (Get that bling bling rainbow afro)
  229. Pet frog potionFrog + Pet Tags (Pet Frog)
  230. Disco-grenande potionChilli + Disco Ball (Disco Grenande)
  231. Speaker potion – Fairy + Disco Ball (Disco Grenande)
  232. Slinky potion – Pool Noodle + Disco Ball (Become the Human Slinky)
  233. Pumpkin-head potion2021 Pumpkin (Protects you from ender!)
  234. Headless-horse potion – Giraffe Hoof + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the headless horse)
  235. Jackbomb potionDynamite + 2021 Pumpkin (Drop a jack-o-bomb)
  236. San potionBeans + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the Sans)
  237. Skelly potionSpider + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the skeleton)
  238. Dave potion – Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the Skellington)
  239. Broomed potionWitches Brew + 2021 Pumpkin (Fly on a broom as a witch!)
  240. Pumoodle potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin (Get pumpkin noodle arms!)
  241. Skull-arms potion – 2021 Pumpkin + Spider + Pool Noodle + Chameleon (Get skeleton noodle arms!)
  242. Pump-legs potion – Giant’s Ear + 2021 Pumpkin (Grow pumpkin legs!)
  243. Handed head potion – Brain + 2021 Pumpkin (Grab your own head!)
  244. Youkin potionYou + 2021 Pumpkin (Youkin potion)
  245. Pump-gloves potionBoxing Gloves + 2021 Pumpkin (Pumpkin Gloves!)
  246. Sweet-shot potionGun + 2021 Pumpkin (Fire candy!)
  247. Candy-poop potion – Rotten Sandwich + 2021 Pumpkin (Poop candy!)
  248. Skeleton-spine potionUndead (Grow a skeleton spine!)
  249. RIP potionUndead + Rotten Sandwich (Placed in a grave)
  250. Skeleton arms potionUndead + Fairy (Get skeleton arms!)
  251. Frankenstein potionUndead + You (Become Frankenstein!)
  252. Giant-cyclops potionUndead + Giant’s Ear (Become a Cyclops!)
  253. Bone-gloves potionUndead + Boxing Gloves (Bone Gloves!)
  254. Skull potionUndead + Brain (Grow a skeleton head!)
  255. Zombie-fish potionUndead + Fish (Become a Zombie Fish!)
  256. Mr-explosion potionUndead + Dynamite (Mr-explosion potion)
  257. Skeleton wings potionUndead + Bird (Grow Skeleton Wings!)
  258. Skull-legs potionUndead + Giraffe Hoof (Grow skeleton legs!)
  259. Demon-girl potionUndead + Spider (Run around possessed!)
  260. Pet-pumpkin potion2021 Pumpkin + Pet Tags (Get a pet pumpkin)
  261. Bone-bow potionUndead + Gun (Get a bone bow)
  262. Fire-spine potionUndead + Chilli (Get a pet pumpkin)
  263. Manublox potionManu (Become Manublox!)
  264. Zom-bee potionUndead + Honey (Become a ZOM-BEE)
  265. Ghostbuster-equipment potionGhostHunter Gear (Get ghostbuster equipment)
  266. Levitation potionGhost (Levitate like a ghost!)
  267. Echotoplasm-melt potionGhost + Chilli (Become a melting ghost!)
  268. Ghost-bee potionGhost + Honey (Become a Ghost Bee!)
  269. Grim-reaper potionGhost + Undead (Become the grim reaper!)
  270. Flying-dutchman potionGhost + Fish (Become the flying dutchman!)
  271. Ghost-vision potionGhost + Rotten Sandwich (Enter the Ghost Dimension!)
  272. Marshmellow-giant potionGhost + Giant’s Ear (Become a giant marshmellow man!)
  273. Teal-pacghost potionGhost + Brain + Fish (Become a teal pacghost!)
  274. Ghost-elephant potion – Giant’s Ear + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost elephant!)
  275. Ghost-foryxe potionForyxe’s Head + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost Froyxekiwi!)
  276. Ghost-jandel potionJandel’s Head + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost Jandelkiwi!)
  277. Ghost-lizard potionChameleon + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost lizard!)
  278. Ghost-pig potionGhost + Pet Tags (Get a pet ghost pig!)
  279. Ghost-snake potion – Pool Noodle + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost snake!)
  280. Ghost-spider potionSpider + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost spider!)
  281. Ghost-unicorn potion – Fairy + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost unicorn!)
  282. Ghost-pumpkinpet potion2021 Pumpkin + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a ghost pumpkin pet!)
  283. Scared potionGhost + You (Get scared!)
  284. Red-pacghost potionGhost + Brain (Become a red pacghost!)
  285. Pink-pacghost potionGhost + Brain + Fairy (Become a pink pacghost!)
  286. Orange-pacghost potionGhost + Brain + Dynamite (Become a orange pacghost!)
  287. Candycorn-arms potionCorn (Get candy corn arms)
  288. Movie-popcorn potionCorn + Brain (Become movie theatre popcorn!)
  289. Scarecrow potionCorn + Bird (Become a scarecrow!)
  290. Corndude potionCorn + You (Transform into corn)
  291. Candycorn-bee potionCorn + Honey (Become a candy corn bee!)
  292. Candycorn-legs potionCorn + Giraffe Hoof (Get candy corn legs)
  293. Popcorn-poop potionCorn + Rotten Sandwich (Poop popcorn)
  294. Corn-grenade potionCorn + Dynamite (Get a corn grenade)
  295. Popcorn-firework potionCorn + Chilli (Turn into a popcorn firework)
  296. Rainbow-popcorn-firework potionCorn + Chilli + Chameleon (Turn into a rainbow popcorn firework)
  297. Popcorn-explosion potionCorn + Beans (Explode into popcorn!)
  298. Popcorn-gloves potionCorn + Boxing Gloves (Explode into popcorn!)
  299. Popcorn-gun potionCorn + Gun (Get a popcorn gun!)
  300. Aussie-gravity potionYou + Brain + You + Bird (Australian Gravity)
  301. British-tea potionHoney + Beans (A good ol’ cup of tea darling!)
  302. Sandwich-morph potion – Rotten Sandwich + You (Become… a… sandwich… what…)
  303. Slenderrr potion – Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Witches Brew (You found a note)
  304. Sans-rider potionUndead + Eggcano (GHOST-RIDA + SANS)
  305. Sparkler-head potionUndead + Disco Ball (Sparkler Head)
  306. Corn-arms potion – Pool Noodle + Corn (Corn Arms)
  307. Corn-legs potion – Pool Noodle + Corn + Giraffe Hoof (Corn Legs)
  308. Explosive-vomit potionBeans + Witches Brew + Dynamite (Your vomit is explosive!)
  309. Flying-eye potion – Cyclops Eye + Bird
  310. Sunburn potionChilli + You (Burning sun of death!)
  311. Revive-player potionUndead + Witches Brew (Revive after drying!)
  312. Old potionWalking Cane (Become old)
  313. Builders-club-hat potionWalking Cane + Brain (Get a builders club hat!)
  314. Flamingo-gf potionWalking Cane + Bird (Become flamingo’s girlfriend)
  315. Builderman potionWalking Cane + You (Become builderman)
  316. Domino-crown potionWalking Cane + Frog (Become builderman)
  317. Old-vision potionWalking Cane + Ghost (Get old-timey vision)
  318. Dog-vision potionWalking Cane + Pet Tags (Get dog vision)
  319. Ninja-mask-of-awesome potionWalking Cane + Eggcano (Equip the ninja mask of awesome!)
  320. Guest potionWalking Cane + Pool Noodle (Become a guest!)
  321. Studded-brick potionWalking Cane + Giraffe Hoof (Become a studded brick!)
  322. Old-movie-vision potionWalking Cane + Pet Tags + Walking Cane + Ghost (Get old movie vision!)
  323. Clash-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn (Equip the classic sword!)
  324. Winged-bean potionWalking Cane + Beans (Become a winged bean!)
  325. Throw-tix potionWalking Cane + Robux (MAKE IT RAIN TIX!)
  326. Old-glinda potionWalking Cane + Witches Brew (Become Old Glinda)
  327. Old-oz potionOz’s Wallet (Become the Old OG Oz)
  328. Turkey potion – Turkey (Gobble Gobble!)
  329. Turkey-dinner potionCooked Turkey (mmmmm turkey!)
  330. Turkey-arms potionCooked Turkey + Pool Noodle (Get turkey arms!)
  331. Turkey-legs potionCooked Turkey + Giraffe Hoof (Get turkey legs!)
  332. Cornucopia-shoes potionCooked Turkey + Corn (Get Cornucopia Shoes!)
  333. Turkey-poop potionCooked Turkey + Rotten Sandwich (Poop turkey eggs!)
  334. Potato-musket potionCooked Turkey + Gun (Get a potato gun!)
  335. Turkey-dance potionCooked Turkey + Disco Ball (Do the turkey dance!)
  336. Potato-grenade potionCooked Turkey + Dynamite (Get a sweet potato grenade!)
  337. Turkey-bow potionCooked Turkey + Bird (Get a turkey bow!)
  338. Fez potionCooked Turkey + Brain (Get a Turkish hat)
  339. Pet-turkey potionCooked Turkey + Pet Tags (Get a pet turkey!)
  340. Pie-bee potionCooked Turkey + Honey (Become a pumpkin pie bee!)
  341. Turkey-leg-club potionCooked Turkey + Undead (Get a turkey leg weapon!)
  342. Turkey-Rex potionCooked Turkey + Giant’s Ear (Become a dino turkey!)
  343. Snowball-morph potion – Snowball (Become a ball of snow!)
  344. Santa PotionGingerbread Man (Become Santa)
  345. Xmas-bee potionGingerbread Man + Honey (Become an xmas bee!)
  346. Xmas-spine potionGingerbread Man + Walking Cane (Get an xmas spine!)
  347. Ginger-arms potionGingerbread Man + Pool Noodle (Get gingerbread arms!)
  348. Ginger-legs potionGingerbread Man + Giraffe Hoof (Get gingerbread legs!)
  349. Grinch potionGingerbread Man + Spider (Become a grinch!)
  350. Skis potionGingerbread Man + Fish (Get skis!)
  351. Present-grenade potionGingerbread Man + Dynamite (Get a present grenade)
  352. Present-poop potionGingerbread Man + Rotten Sandwich (Poop presents!)
  353. Present-gloves potionGingerbread Man + Boxing Gloves (Get present boxing gloves!)
  354. Present potionGingerbread Man + You (Become a present!)
  355. Giant-snowball potionGingerbread Man + Giant’s Ear (Roll a giant snowball)
  356. Present-bomb potionGingerbread Man + Chilli (Get a present bomb)
  357. Carrot potionCarrot (Become a carrot)
  358. Potato-head potionCarrot + Gingerbread Man (Become mr. potato head)
  359. Mrs-potato-head potionCarrot + Gingerbread Man + Fairy (Become mrs. potato head)
  360. Celery-legs potionCarrot + Giraffe Hoof (Get celery legs)
  361. Celery-arms potionCarrot + Pool Noodle (Get celery arms)
  362. Bunny potionCarrot + Frog (Become a bunny!)
  363. Carrot-eyes potionCarrot + Walking Cane (Get Vitamin-A vision!)
  364. Sad-onion potionCarrot + Fish (Become a sad onion ;()
  365. Eggplant-morph potionCarrot + 2021 Pumpkin (Become an eggplant)
  366. Ketchup-morph potionCarrot + Eggcano (Become ketchup!)
  367. Ketchup-flamethrower potionCarrot + Eggcano + Gun (Get a ketchup flamethrower)
  368. Melon-morph potionCarrot + Chameleon (Become a melon!)
  369. Mole-morph potionCarrot + Undead (Become a mushroom!)
  370. Mushroom-morph potionCarrot + Cooked Turkey (Become a mushroom!)
  371. Tomato-morph potionCarrot + Chilli (Become a tomato!)
  372. Avocado-morph potionCarrot + Beans (Become an avocado!)
  373. Tomato-grenade potionCarrot + Dynamite (Get a tomato grenade!)
  374. Salad-morph potionCarrot + Spider (Become a salad!)
  375. New-years potion – New Year’s Ball (Become the New Year’s ball!)
  376. New-years-hat potion – Brain + New Year’s Ball (Get a New Year’s celebration hat)
  377. New-years-sparkler potionDynamite + New Year’s Ball (Get a New Year’s celebration sparkler)
  378. Ra potionEgyptian Head (Become an Egyptian God)
  379. Sphinx-head potion – Brain + Egyptian Head (Get an Egyptian Head)
  380. Anubis potionBird + Egyptian Head (Become an Egyptian Bird)
  381. Cactus potionCarrot + Egyptian Head (Become a Cactus)
  382. Magic-carpet potion – Fairy + Egyptian Head (Get a flying magic carpet)
  383. Walk-like-an-egyption potionDisco Ball + Egyptian Head (Walk like an egyptian dance!)
  384. Mummy potionUndead + Egyptian Head (Become a mummy)
  385. Pyramid-bomb potionDynamite + Egyptian Head (Get a pyramid bomb!)
  386. Pyramid-poop potion – Rotten Sandwich + Egyptian Head (Poop pyramids!)
  387. Sand-melt potionChilli + Egyptian Head (Melt into sand!)
  388. Scarabee potionHoney + Egyptian Head (Become a scarabee)
  389. Scarab-morph potionSpider + Egyptian Head (Become a scarab)
  390. Egyptian-sword potionGun + Egyptian Head (Get an egyptian sword!)
  391. Pyramid-morph potionYou + Egyptian Head (Become a Pyramid!)

Wacky Wizards Premium Potions List

Each of the potions on this list requires at least one Premium Ingredient. These are ingredients that have to be purchased with Gems that can be acquired through daily quests or with Robux.. They are shown as yellow ingredients on your table, just click on them to purchase!

  • P1. Frozen Potion – Frozen Egg
  • P2. God Potion – Beard
  • P3. Rotation Potion – (Rot Pot) Hat of Gears
  • P4. Leafy Potion – Magic Seed
  • P5. 60’s Potion – Magic Seed + Fairy
  • P6. Accelerating Potion – Beard + Giraffe Hoof
  • P7. Air Walk PotionBird + Frozen Egg
  • P8. Boombox Potion – Hat of Gears + Beard
  • P9. Bushy Potion – Magic Seed + Chameleon
  • P10. Dizzy Potion – Hat of Gears + Brain
  • P11. Fuse Potion – Hat of Gears + Dynamite
  • P12. Hard As Potion – Magic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of Gears
  • P13. Headdle Potion – Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + Brain
  • P14. Human Flight Potion – Beard + Bird
  • P15. Ice Potion – Frozen Egg + Chameleon
  • P16. Infectious Potion – Beard + Rotten Sandwich
  • P17. Jetpack Potion – Hat of Gears + Bird
  • P18. Saddle Potion – Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof
  • P19. Shroom Potion – Magic Seed + Rotten Sandwich
  • P20. Statue PotionChameleon + Beard
  • P21. Slip Potion – Giraffe Hoof + Frozen Egg
  • P22. Stumped Potion – Magic Seed + Giraffe Hoof
  • P23. Sus Potion – Hat of Gears + Beans
  • P24. Unlucky Potion – Beard + Dynamite
  • P25. Waterwalking PotionFish + Frozen Egg
  • P26. Rock Bender Potion – Magic Seed + Beard
  • P27. Teleportation Potion – Beard + Fairy
  • P28. Meteorite Potion – Beard + Beans
  • P29. Flying Poo Potion – Hat of Gears + Bird + Rotten Sandwich
  • P30. Clone Army PotionYou + Magic Seed
  • P31. Caveman PotionYou + Frozen Egg
  • P32. Size Controller Potion – Fairy + Giant’s Ear + Beard
  • P33. Golden Tree PotionRobux + Magic Seed
  • P34. Bux Walk PotionRobux + Frozen Egg
  • P35. Throbux PotionRobux + Hat of Gears
  • P36. Goldify PotionRobux + Fairy + Chameleon + Beard
  • P37. Death PotionWitches Brew + Magic Seed
  • P38. Floating PotionWitches Brew + Hat of Gears
  • P39. Vehicle Potion – Wheel
  • P40. Monster Potion – Wheel + Giant’s Ear
  • P41. Limo Potion – Wheel + Pool Noodle
  • P42. Teeny Wheel Potion – Wheel + Fairy
  • P43. Let’s goo Potion – Wheel + Beans
  • P44. Take off Potion – Wheel + Bird
  • P45. Kachow Potion – Wheel + Beard
  • P46. Burning Car Potion – Wheel + Chilli
  • P47. Ant Potion – Wheel + Spider
  • P48. Rich Potion – Wheel + Robux
  • P49. Explodespell PotionWitches Brew + Beard
  • P50. Frozen-hit PotionBoxing Gloves + Frozen Egg (Hit them cold!)
  • P51. Shocking-Hit PotionBoxing Gloves + Zeus’s Beard (Hit them electricity!)
  • P52. Icy-arm potionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Frozen Egg (Fire Noodle Arms!)
  • P53. Frozen potion – Frozen Egg + Magic Seed (Become a Frozen Tree!)
  • P54. Freeze-burn potion – Frozen Egg + Chilli (Freeze to death!)
  • P55. Spinny legs potion – Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of Gears (Spin your legs!)
  • P56: Melting potion – Frozen Egg + Witches Brew (Melt into the abyss!)
  • P57: Sus-punch potion – Hat of Gears + Beans + Boxing Gloves (Punch people sus)
  • P58: Oink mount potion – Mount (Ride a pig)
  • P59: Happy feet potion – Frozen Egg + Pet Tags (Get a pet penguin)
  • P60: Penguin mount potion – Mount + Frozen Egg (Ride a penguin)
  • P61: Giraffe mount potion – Mount + Giraffe Hoof (Ride a giraffe)
  • P62: Ssssssssssssss potion – Mount + Pool Noodle (Get eaten by a snake)
  • P63: Lizzzard mount potion – Mount + Chameleon (Ride a lizard)
  • P64: Spooky mount potion – Mount + Spider (Ride a spider)
  • P65: Giant mount potion – Mount + Giant’s Ear (Ride an elephant)
  • P66: Unicorn mount potion – Mount + Fairy (Ride a unicorn)
  • P67: New Zealand mount potion – Mount + Jandel’s Head (Ride a Kiwi!!!)
  • P68: New Zealand mount potion – Mount + Foryxe’s Head (Ride a Kiwi!!!)
  • P69: Beed potion – Zeus’s Beard + Honey (Spawn Bee’s where you click)
  • P70: Bee mount potion – Honey + Mount (Get a bee mount)
  • P71: Fire-statue potionChameleon + Zeus’s Beard + Eggcano (Turn players golden!)
  • P72: Cauldron potion – Mr. Cauldron (Become a working cauldron!)
  • P73: Cannon potion – Mr. Cauldron + Dynamite (Become a cannon and fire players out!)
  • P74: Does not exist?!
  • P75: Erupting potionEggcano + Hat of Gears (Summon a volcano!)
  • P76: Beany potion – Mr. Cauldron + Beans (Become a can of beans and let players eat!)
  • P77: Pressing potion – Mr. Cauldron + Eggcano (Don’t let anyone touch)
  • P78: Landmine potion – Mr. Cauldron + Giraffe Hoof (Drop a landmine)
  • P79: Honey-walk potionHoney + Frozen Egg (Walk on water with honey!)
  • P80: Lava-walk potionEggcano + Frozen Egg (Walk on water with lava!)
  • P81: Blastoff potion – Mr. Cauldron + Bird (Become a rideable rocketship)
  • P82: Cooker potion – Mr. Cauldron + Chilli (Cook people!)
  • P83: Hot-air balloon potion – Mr. Cauldron + Giant’s Ear (Hot Air Balloon!)
  • P84: Bouncy potion – Mr. Cauldron + Pool Noodle (Place a trampoline!)
  • P85: Fuser potion – Mr. Cauldron + Chameleon (Fuse into players around you!)
  • P86: Stickybomb potion – Hat of Gears + Dynamite + Honey (Throw a sticky bomb)
  • P87: Car-seat potion – Mr. Cauldron + Wheel (Become a car with seats for others!!)
  • P88: Iced-skin potionEggcano + Chilli + Frozen Egg (Have frozen skin!)
  • P89: Fuser potion – Mr. Cauldron + Fairy (EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!)
  • P90: Lilypad-morph potion – Magic Seed + Frog (Morph into a lilypad)
  • P91: Control-jump potion – Zeus’s Beard + Frog (Control your jump height!)
  • P92: Uni potion – Hat of Gears + Frog (Ride a unicycle)
  • P93: Airstrike potion – AirStrike (Call in an airstrike)
  • P94: Shrink-beam potion – AirStrike + Fairy (Hit people and shrink them to death)
  • P95: Freeze-gun potionGun + Frozen Egg (FREEZE PEOPLE!)
  • P96: Bee-swarm potion – AirStrike + Honey (Bee Swarm!)
  • P97: Big-gun potion – AirStrike + Giant’s Ear (Get a very big gun!)
  • P98: Gun-fire potion – AirStrike + Gun (Fire guns… what?)
  • P99: Freeze storm potion – AirStrike + Frozen Egg (Create a storm that freezes players)
  • P100: Throw nukes potion – AirStrike + Dynamite (Throw nukes)
  • P101: Fire napalm potion – AirStrike + Chilli (Fire Napalm)
  • P102: IED potion – AirStrike + Beans (Spawn a bean can IED)
  • P103: UFO potionAlien Parasite + Wheel (Fly an UFO!)
  • P104: Laser-strike potionAlien Parasite + AirStrike (ORBITAL STRIKE!)
  • P105: Sus-gun potion – Hat of Gears + Beans + Gun (SUS GUN :))
  • P106: Abduction potionAlien Parasite + Wheel + AirStrike (Abduct people in PVP)
  • P107: Superman potion – Superhero Cape (Become the superman)
  • P108: Spider-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Spider (Become Spider-Dude)
  • P109: Green-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Giant’s Ear (Become the big green dude whos mad)
  • P110: Invisible potion – Superhero Cape + Chameleon (Become invisible… whenever you want!)
  • P111: Portal potion – Superhero Cape + Gun (Think in portals)
  • P112: Aquaman potion – Superhero Cape + Fish (Become part of the sea!!!)
  • P113: Werewolf potion – Superhero Cape + Witches Brew (HOWWWWL)
  • P114: Purple-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Zeus’s Beard (Purple Dude)
  • P115: Human-torch potion – Superhero Cape + Chilli (The HUMAN TORCH)
  • P116: Purple-car potion – Superhero Cape + Wheel (You could live with your failure)
  • P117: Sabre potion – Superhero Cape + Boxing Gloves (VOOOSH)
  • P118: Flash potion – Superhero Cape + Giraffe Hoof (SUPER SPEEDY)
  • P119: Frog-mount potion – Mount + Frog (Ride a Frog)
  • P120: Fart-villain potion – Rotten Sandwich + Superhero Cape (Become the villain of fart)
  • P121: Manbat potion – Superhero Cape + Robux (Be the man bat… wait the batman? no… no… manbat?)
  • P122: Ivy potion – Superhero Cape + Magic Seed (The poison ivy)
  • P123: Sus-O-Ween Potion – Hat of Gears + Beans + 2021 Pumpkin (Become Sus Of Ween!)
  • P124: Ghost-forcefield potionGhost + Frozen Egg (Get a ghost forcefield!)
  • P125: Ghost-penguin potion – Frozen Egg + Pet Tags + Ghost (Get a pet ghost penguin!)
  • P126: Anime-run potion – Anime Sword of Destiny (Run in style)
  • P127: Last-skyfolder potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Bird (Become arrow head!)
  • P128: Lightning potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Frozen Egg (Become Electric!)
  • P129: Dragonblox-z potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Brain (Dragonblox Z)
  • P130: Ninja potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Spider (Become a ninja!)
  • P131: Energy-ball potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Ghost (Fire an energyball!)
  • P132: Believe-it potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Eggcano (Believe it!)
  • P133: Cursed-gloves potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Boxing Gloves (Get cursed gloves!)
  • P134: Airbender-glider potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Bird + Anime Sword of Destiny (Get the air glider!)
  • P135: Lightning-blast potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Dynamite (Cast a powerful lightning spell)
  • P136: Flame-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn + Anime Sword of Destiny (Equip a powerful sword!)
  • P137: Blue-flame-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn + Anime Sword of Destiny + Fish (Equip a powerful blue sword!)
  • P138: Froggirl potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Frog (Become a frog girl!)
  • P139: Fire-bow potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Gun (Get a fire bow)
  • P140: Ground-pound potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Giraffe Hoof (Ground AOE attack!)
  • P141: Akimbo-katanas potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Corn (Equip 2 katanas!)
  • P142: Titan potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Giant’s Ear (Attack on Roblox!)
  • P143: Classic-tree potionWalking Cane + Magic Seed (Become a tree!)
  • P144: Snowman potion2021 Snowman (Become a snowman!)
  • P145: Candycane-arms potion2021 Snowman + Pool Noodle (Get candy cane arms!)
  • P146: Candycane-legs potion2021 Snowman + Giraffe Hoof (get candy cane legs!)
  • P147: Candycane-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn + 2021 Snowman (Get candy cane sword!)
  • P148: Light-headed potion2021 Snowman + Brain (Become light headed!)
  • P149: Elf potion2021 Snowman + Fairy (Become santa’s little helper!)
  • P150: Festive-zombie potion2021 Snowman + Undead (Become a festive zombie!)
  • P151: Gingerbread Man potion2021 Snowman + Giant’s Ear (Run run as fast as you can!)
  • P152: Hot-coco potion2021 Snowman + Beans (HOT CHOCOLATE!)
  • P153: Ornament-grenade potion2021 Snowman + Dynamite (Christmas boom!)
  • P154: Snowman-pet potion2021 Snowman + Pet Tags (Get a pet snowman!)
  • P155: Snowflake-firework potion2021 Snowman + Chilli (Become a snowflake firework!)
  • P156: Festive-hat potion2021 Snowman + You (Get a festive hat)
  • P157: Ugly-sweater potion2021 Snowman + Fish (Get an ugly sweater)
  • P158: Old-candycane potion2021 Snowman + Walking Cane (Become an old person!)
  • P159: Yeti potion2021 Snowman + Frozen Egg (Become the abominable snowman)
  • P160: Xmas-tree potionGingerbread Man + Magic Seed (Become an xmas tree!)
  • P161: Rocket-sled potionGingerbread Man + Wheel (Become a rocket powered santa sled!)
  • P162: Ninjaflake potionGingerbread Man + Anime Sword of Destiny (Get a snowflake ninjastar!)
  • P163: Sansrider-motorcycle potionUndead + Eggcano + Wheel (Get a sansrider motorcycle!)
  • P164: Tornado potion – Cloud (Spawn Tornadoes)
  • P165: Fire-nado potion – Cloud + Eggcano (Spawn fire tornadoes)
  • P166: Lightningstorm potion – Cloud + Dynamite (Spawn a thunderstorm)
  • P167: Blizzard potion – Cloud + Frozen Egg (Blizzard!)
  • P168: Rock potion – Cloud + Carrot (Become a rock!)
  • P169: Tsunami potion – Cloud + Fish (Watch out for that wave!)
  • P170: Earthquake potion – Cloud + Carrot + Cloud (Earthquake!)
  • P171: Hail potion – Cloud + Rotten Sandwich (Hail Storm)
  • P172: Meatball-rain potion – Cloud + Beans (Raining Meatballs)
  • P173: Planet-orbit potion – Cloud + Alien Parasite (Planetary Orbit)
  • P174: Hurricane potion – Cloud + Fish + Cloud (Launch a hurricane)
  • P175: Frog-rain potion – Cloud + Frog (Frog rain!)
  • P176: Rain-cloud potion – Cloud + Ghost (Rain!)
  • P177: Sandstorm potion – Cloud + Giraffe Hoof (Spawn a sandstorm)
  • P178: Earth-morph potion – Cloud + You (Become Other Nature!)
  • P179: Egyptian-elephant potion – Mount + Giant’s Ear + Egyptian Head (Get an Egyptian elephant mount)
  • P180: Scorpion-king potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Egyptian Head (Become the king of the desert)

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  1. Eeveeking

    Walking ragdool pool noodle and rotten sandwish pls add dis as limb poition cuz its called limb

  2. itchy

    I wanna know other people’s opinion on this – is Wacky Wizards getting boring? I feel like it’s just the same content over and over again tbh. The potions aren’t even that cool anymore :/

  3. ???

    is it possible to get the new years ball again or no?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Nope, can’t get it anymore as far as I know.

  4. Zeldacia

    Seems to be bugged but 179 is Egyptian Head, Giant’s Ear, and Mount

    1. Flat frog

      ya, it’s supposed to be in the premium list

  5. thedarkshadowbehind

    ayo what is the 179th potion in premium

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Nobody knows yet.

    2. KX

      P179 is elephant, giant’s ear, and mount. But for some reason it isn’t working for me. I still got the potion in the book though.

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        What ingredient is elephant?!

        1. KSW

          mount and giant ear and egypt head

          1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

            Added, thanks.

      2. KSW

        Thx bro 🙂

  6. Am noob

    New year’s ball + chilli = ??? potion

    1. Am noob

      I’m forgot what the number is so yeah that why i put the ingredients and i forget the potion name

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        It’s number 230, Disco-grenande potion.

  7. Pitytheparty

    Hi, Im trying to figure out the ghost dimension potion. Can you help me out? Tysm

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      This should be it: Ghost-vision potion – Ghost + Rotten Sandwich (Enter the Ghost Dimension!)

      1. Pitytheparty


  8. UNICORNJule13

    I don’t think there is what I’m looking for on there

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      What are you looking for?

  9. satar2100

    375. new year ball = become a new year ball
    376. new year ball + brain = party hat
    377. new year ball + dynamite = Sparklers

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Should already be on the list.

  10. Hello!

    i need a list of the combinations for the frozen egg

  11. foxreaperox

    did you like the pokemon idea?

  12. foxreaperox

    new ingredient = pokeball + honney = pikachu potion

  13. EscOFC

    what is potion 163 (premium) I try to put the undead, the ChILlI and the wheel but it won’t

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Looks like they changed it again, it’s now the Eggcano instead of the Chilli.

  14. Bruh

    Is there Play Grave in the list?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      A what now?

  15. E

    How many moles do you have to whack to get carrot

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      At least 20.

  16. thedarkshadowbehind

    Hey, i found an egg easter that if you whack 60+ moles, you will get the title named ‘Mole-Whacker’

    1. idk


      1. geko

        its real?

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          It’s true, I have that title.

  17. Confused person

    I’ve been trying potion P163 like said but they don’t mix

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Looks like they changed the ingredient in the new update. It is now Undead, Chilli, and Wheel. They removed the Eggcano for some reason.

  18. hi

    carrot + eggcano + gun = ketchup flamethrower

  19. A human

    359 – Carrot, Gingerbread Man, Fairy

  20. SaltedCaramel

    257 is carrot potion (Carrot)

  21. draco

    nice i love it thx

  22. zebrapiz

    umm… why didn’t you add the p163 potion huh?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Because I’m hiding it from you… or maybe no one knows yet… you decide!

  23. Dolphin

    Easy one except for potion p163

  24. Venom The Acid Demon

    whats potion number P163?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      If we knew what it was it would be on the list.

      1. idk

        its already on the list

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Old comment, be sure to check the date before replying.

  25. ???

    GingerBread + Giraffe Hoof=Ginger-legs

    1. ???

      GingerBread+Giraffe Hoof=Ginger-legs potion

  26. ???

    GingerBread=Santa Potion

    1. ???

      How would you know you said that before the game update…

  27. feliprro

    Emmmm im looking and the book really is saying the same what I put in my notification (Become the abomadable snowman) I think Jandel put it bad written

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I mean what is the name of the potion? Is it called the Yeti potion?

    2. feliprro

      Yes is named (yeti potion )👍

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  28. feliprro

    P159 snowman 2021 + frozen egg ( become the abomadable snowman)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks. Do you know the exact title of it?

  29. kirby

    i found this computer head dont know if we used it but just in case

  30. DJ

    my god

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  31. iampro

    What is potion 311?

    That is the question.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It should be listed now.

  32. Duckyduck

    potion 315 is builderman potion and it is walking cane + You

  33. hjk

    322: cane, pet tags, cane, ghost

  34. Cool

    I know how to get the cane. 1: use the hot potion on the bush. 2: get an oz potion, glitch it in the door. 3: get a pool noodle potion and drink it in front of the door. Then drink the oz potion and get the wallet. 4: give it to oz.

    1. NolaThePea

      You just needed to explode the door…

  35. Hexshock

    Oz’s wallet potion 327

  36. A.C

    Potion 300 has been found(I didn’t find it,it was said in carbon meister’s comment section on YouTube)Its “you,brain,you,bird”

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks!

  37. Agent_Dog

    I Was One Of The First People To Get The Pumpkin I Had At 3 In The Morning The Morning After The Update!

  38. BuildInto_Ships

    I think the ingredient book is glitched. It says 124/124 premium potions collected but there are 125?

  39. Yessir

    im surprised we haven’t found 300 yet the only time it took us this long was potion 159

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There’s a lot of ingredients now, it’s only going to get harder to find those longer ones.

      1. hexshock

        yes and P74 is still not found

        1. loljusstplayplay

          P74 is Robux + Giant’s Ear

          1. hexshock

            that is 74 not P74

        2. idk

          P74 does not exist
          it skips that and does P75
          dont ask me, ask the creator

  40. Rage_king

    wonder whats for the anime update [i think there might be anime that my friends like, like jojo]

  41. KingsLayer

    303 is Slender Man Potion: witches brew + giraffe hoof + giant ear makes slender man

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks!

      1. KingsLayer (NeedForGaming)

        Thanks, Shaun Savage, I, want to work with you as a team, DM me on my email address if you intrested. (NeedForGaming)

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          I’ll think about it, thanks.

  42. Cool

    Mr. Rich Eye and bird.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks!

  43. n

    you + chili
    you + sandwich

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  44. uqihnwww1uh9

    undead + disco ball
    undead + eggcano

  45. sussy_zzz


  46. vadsille

    Potion 296 not existed they wrote 297 two times in wacky wizard

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      They’ll fix it eventually.

  47. ???

    287:Corn=Candy corn arms potion
    288:Corn+Brain=Movie popcorn potion
    290:Corn+You=Corndude potion
    291:Corn+Honey=Candycorn-bee potion
    292:Corn+Giraffe hoof=Candycorn-legs potion
    293:Corn+Rotten sandwich=Popcorn-poop potion
    294:Corn+Dynamite=Corn grenade potion
    295:Corn+Chili=Popcorn-firework potion
    296:Corn+Chili+Chameleon=Rainbow popcorn-firework potion
    297:Corn+Beans=Popcorn explosion
    298:Corn+Boxing gloves=Popcorn-gloves potion
    299:Corn+Gun=Popcorn-gun potion

    1. Prince

      289:Corn + Bird = Scarecrow Potion

  48. TETTo

    roblox is down cancelled bedwars update and whacky wizards update R.I.P

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      We’ll have information on when those updates are going to happen soon hopefully!

  49. ???

    if i afk zombies for candy will the candy despawn

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Not sure, would imagine that they would despawn.

      1. ???

        so far ive been doing it and they havent despawned im gonna use this while i can to get every item in the event shop bc i dont remember how much the trick or treating gives so idk if im ok to stop or not but better to be safe

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          That’s good, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be safe, but who knows.

  50. Zeechy

    Roblox down 🙁 🙁 wonder what they planned for the next update for yesterday

    1. TETTo

      I wonder 🙁

  51. Buguwuz

    Potion 241 instructions:
    First put 2021 pumpkin and spider, then add chameleon and pool noodle.

  52. Ally

    Wow I didn’t expect to find anything this useful, thank you for making this site! (Also, is there a way to find out how to get the ingredients, including non-permanent ones like Jandel’s head)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Yes, you can head to this post:

      If you click on the pink links, they will take you to more detailed guides on the ingredients if the small description doesn’t help.

      Glad you found it useful!

  53. RabidMan_3

    what is the premium potion 125? premium potion 124 is ghost and frozen egg.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now!

  54. Alicatangel5812

    There are 2 premium potions also

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now!

  55. Alicatangel5812

    P124 ghost-field potion ghost, frozen egg
    283) scared potion ghost, you

  56. TETTo

    Thanks for commenting useful comments and thanks for making this site!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem, glad it helps you!

  57. jamie

    249: Undead + rotten sandwich = RIP potion

  58. ShrimpNugg3t

    To get 163 go to the goblin village and a secret ingredient is on top of one of the dead trees

    1. TETTo

      Do you mean 263?

  59. spamit6 on roblox

    undead/ud and rotten sandwhich 249 250 is fariy and ud 251 idk 252 gaint’s ear and ud 253 ud gloves 254 ud and brain 255 fish ud 256 bomb thing nd ud 257 bird ud 258 hoof and ud 259 ud spider 260 missing 261 gun ud 262 ud chilli 263 on tree next to grave ward with goblins manu blox head 264 honey ud this is all i know


    How to get Candy Corn in Wacky Wizards FAST!

    In order to obtain all the 7,800 candy corn needed for the exclusive prizes this Halloween update, you have to get candy corn fast! FYI, you should be able to obtain all of the exclusive items if you get 300 or more candy corn every day. Here are the 3 ways to get candy corn as quick and effectively as possible:

    1. The Scare Board: This can be found near the NPC spawning area. For every “scare” you complete, you receive 50 candy corn (250 candy corn in total). Make sure to check every day to see if it has reset or not!

    2. Hidden Candies: These can be found around the map at 13 locations. Each hidden candy can give you 1 candy corn to 4 candy corn; the harder the candy corn is to obtain, the more candy corn you get and the longer it takes to respawn. On average, you should be able to get 54 candy corn every 20 minutes (this took 5 attempts to calculate).

    3. Potion Trader: The Potion Trader shows up every 30 minutes near the Cyclop’s Invasion board. Although he respawns every 30 minutes, it has been tested that you’re only able to complete his potions every hour (possibly a bug). He will give you 3 potions to complete, each one giving you 10 candy corn or 30 candy corn in total. However, he will despawn after 10 minutes after he spawns.

    Tip: you can rename a random potion to one of the Potion Trader’s desired potions and he will still find it valid (it only takes up 1 save potion slot and you can always delete it afterward)!

    P.S. I extremely appreciate the help you have given to all of the Wacky Wizard tryhards and fans! I just wanted to return the favor 🙂

  61. itSlendermen

    there is a glitch with the potion trader because if you save any kind of potion and name it to one of the potions on the bored he will accept it idk if this is helpful or not.

  62. ererer4rerer

    idk if ye saw my replies but he fixed it today now theres 123 potions insted of 2 of them named 122 however now theres a new potion 123 that isent on the wiki and i cnat figure out how to amke it

  63. anonymous

    140 and 141 will be changed, the ww disc states in the google docs

  64. ererer4rerer

    they must have updated it cause ive potion is no longer potion 122 in the premium sectin its now 121 and 122 is now somthin diffrent pls post the recipe when you figure it ou

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I see 122 just fine, it’s still Poison Ivy.

      1. qwqwq

        oh i ment in da game not here look at it in da game its not ivey

      2. qwqwq

        ok i just checked myself he fixed it but now theres 123 potions in premium not 122 and the wiki is missin that one

  65. amogus

    shaun, i have pumpkin so here are the potions i know
    233 pumpkin head potion (pumpkin)
    234 headless horse potion (girrafe hoof and pumpkin)
    235 jackbomb potion (dynamite and pumpkin
    236 san potion (become sans) (beans and pumpkin
    237 skelly potion (spider and pumpkin)
    238 dave potion (pool noodle and pumpkin)
    239 broomed potion (witches brew and pumpkin)
    240 pumoodle potion (chameleon and pool noodle and pumpkin)
    241 ???
    242 pump legs (giant ear and pumpkin)
    243 handed head potion (brain and pumpkin)
    244 youkin potion (you and pumpkin)
    245 pump gloves potion (boxing gloves and pumpkin)
    246 sweet shot potion (gun and pumpkin)
    247 candy poop potion (rotten sandwich and pumpin)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Thank you!

      1. TETTo

        uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hey are you There?

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          I am here.

  66. Arty

    233: Pumpkin-head potion: Protects you from ender! (2021 Pumpkin)
    234: Headless-horse potion: Become the headless horse (Giraffe Hoof + 2021 Pumpkin)
    235: Jackbomb potion: Drop a jack-o-bomb (Dynamite + 2021 Pumpkin)
    236: San potion: Become the Sans (Beans + 2021 Pumpkin)
    237: Skelly potion: Become the skeleton (Spider + 2021 Pumpkin)
    238: Dave potion: Become the Skellington (Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin)
    239: Broomed potion: Fly on abroom as a witch! (Witches Brew + 2021 Pumpkin)
    242: Pump-legs potion: Grow pumpkin legs! (Giant’s Ear + 2021 Pumpkin)
    243: Handed head potion: Grab your own head! (Brain + 2021 Pumpkin)
    244: Youkin potion: Become a giant pumpkin! (You + 2021 Pumpkin)
    245: Pump-gloves potion: Pumpkin Gloves! (Boxing Gloves + 2021 Pumpkin)
    246: Sweet-shot potion: Fire candy! (Gun + 2021 Pumkin)
    247: Candy-poop potion: Poop candy! (Rotten Sandwich + 2021 Pumpkin)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Thanks, very helpful!

  67. Arindam_G

    I have unlocked some new Halloween potion s. yo can check out here


    There’s a bug That give unlimited scare task first complete the scare task when you complete it all leave the game and join again and the scare task will be reset just do it again ang again hope it work 🙂

  69. anaguapi11

    Where are the pumpkin potions??

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Mostly added now!

  70. Roumi

    233: 2021 pumpkin – pumpkin-head potion
    234: giraffe hoof + 2021 pumpkin – headless-horse potion
    235: dynamite +2021 pumpkin – jackbomb potion
    236: beans + 2021 pumpkin – sans potion
    237: spider + 2021 pumpkin -skelly potion
    238: pool noodle + 2021 pumpkin – dave potion
    239: witches brew + 2021 pumpkin – broomed potion
    240: chameleon + pool noodle + 2021 pumpkin -pumoodle potion
    241: ???
    242: gianr’s ear + 2021 pumpkin – pump legs potion
    243: brain + 2021 pumpkin – handed head potion
    244: you + 2021 pumpkin – youkin potion
    245: boxing gloves + 2021 pumpkin – pump-gloves potion
    246: gun + 2021 pumpkin – sweet-shot potion
    247: rotten sandwich + 2021 pumpkin – candy-poop potion

  71. PrAtIk

    235 – Jackbomb potion ( Dynamite + Pumpkin )
    236- San Potion ( Beans + Pumpkin)
    237 – Skelly Potion ( Spider + Pumpkin)

  72. person

    233: Pumpkin-head potion – 2021 Pumpkin (Protects you from ender!)
    234: Headless-horse potion – Giraffe Hoof + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the headless horse)
    235: Jackbomb potion – Dynamite + 2021 Pumpkin (Drop a jack-o-bomb)
    236: San potion – Beans + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the Sans)
    237: Skelly potion – Spider + 2021 Pumpkin (Become the skeleton)
    238: Dave potion – Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin (Become Dave Skellington)
    239: Broomed potion – Witches Brew + 2021 Pumpkin (Fly on a broom as a witch!)
    240: ???
    241: ???
    242: Pump-legs potion – Giant’s Ear + 2021 Pumpkin (Grow pumpkin legs!)
    243: Handed Head potion – Brain + 2021 Pumpkin (Grab your own head!)
    244: Youkin potion – You + 2021 Pumpkin (Become a giant pumpkin!)
    245: Pump-gloves potion – Boxing Gloves + 2021 Pumpkin (Pumpkin Gloves!)
    246: Sweet-shot potion – Gun + 2021 Pumpkin (Fire candy!)
    247: Candy-poop potion – Rotten Sandwhich + 2021 Pumpkin (Poop candy!)

    1. person

      btw you can get lots of candy by rejoining then you can do the trick or treating again for lots of candy

      1. siamrath


        1. idk

          i now feel like an idiot

  73. siamrath

    here some news potion i discovered
    233 : pumpkin-head potion : 2021 pumpkin
    234 : headless-horse potion : giraffe hoof + 2021 pumpkin
    235 : jackbomb potion : dynamite + 2021 pumpkin
    236 : san potion : bean + 2021 pumpkin
    237 : skelly potion : spider + 2021 pumpkin
    238 : dave potion : pool noodle + 2021 pumpkin
    239 : broomed potion : witches brew + 2021 pumpkin
    240 : pumoodle potion : pool noodle + chameleon + 2021 pumpkin
    241 : idk
    242 : pump-legs potion : giant ear + 2021 pumpkin
    243 : handed head potion : brain + 2021 pumpkin
    244 : idk
    245 pump-gloves : boxing gloves + 2021 pumpkin
    246 : sweet-shot potion : gun + 2021 pumpkin
    247 : candy-pop potion : rotten sandwich + 2021 pumpkin

  74. arthur

    where is all the pumpkin potions

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No one has the Pumpkin ingredient yet, so we don’t know the potions.

      1. n0iniojoi

        i saw some people with it

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          They didn’t have it when I posted this comment, appears a lot of people got it now though.

      2. Zeechy

        I have it

      3. amogus

        i have

      4. amogus

        233 pumpkin head potion (pumpkin)
        234 headless horse potion (girrafe hoof and pumpkin)
        235 jackbomb potion (dynamite and pumpkin
        236 san potion (become sans) (beans and pumpkin
        237 skelly potion (spider and pumpkin)
        238 dave potion (pool noodle and pumpkin)
        239 broomed potion (witches brew and pumpkin)
        240 pumoodle potion (chameleon and pool noodle and pumpkin)
        241 ???
        242 pump legs (giant ear and pumpkin)
        243 handed head potion (brain and pumpkin)
        244 youkin potion (you and pumpkin)
        245 pump gloves potion (boxing gloves and pumpkin)
        246 sweet shot potion (gun and pumpkin)
        247 candy poop potion (rotten sandwich and pumpin)

  75. BuildInto_Ships

    Love your web page I always come here every time they update wacky wizards

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  76. mimic

    how do i get the disco tho?

  77. Redzebra50

    how do you amke a rerpair potion

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Not sure what you mean.

      1. Rage_king

        i think he meant repair potion, or something, idk

  78. kirby

    p115 human torch chilli and superhero cape

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  79. kirby

    p122 magic seed and superhero cape

  80. kirby

    p112 superhero cape and magic seed

  81. Angry duck

    If you say sus in the game it stabs you with a knife

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You are right, that does happen.

      1. jsphn

        Shaun, I know what potion 224 is. Combine Brain + Disco Ball + You.

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  82. Vchompyv

    What do you guys think will be in the hollowen update?

  83. Vchompyv

    I think i played wacky wizard for to long that i booked marked this page every time i need to use it

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad the page has helped you!

  84. monkeyjohn19

    potion 212 is long bee

    sleeping bee and pool noodle

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      That should already be on the site, try refreshing the page.

  85. Angry duck

    Thanks for letting everybody use your private for a bugged item 😀

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem!

      1. Am noob

        Hope this website helps me 😀

  86. Kpop fan

    Hi uhm potion 212 is sleepy bee and pool noodle and someone helped me so credits for them

  87. vchompy again

    well potion 212 needs 2 ingredients i hope this helps

  88. Venom The Acid Demon

    can you please tell us where the ingredients are?, it will help me alot

    1. Venom The Acid Demon

      wait i just noticed you did nvm

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        No problem.

  89. Boxfan

    you guys got this one more!

  90. WackyWizardPlayer

    217 is MarioFly’s at goblin village.This is a thank you for helping me

    1. WackyWizardPlayer

      I found 211.Void star.It is at dumpster dans place
      I want to help

  91. Boxfan

    void star by dumpster diver

  92. Boxfan

    There is a mariofly potion by the goblins

  93. Cookies

    214 is called Axolotl Potion
    The ingredients are You and Axolotl

  94. Snipercat10

    Axolotl potion. Axolotl+You=Potion

  95. Vchompyv

    Premium 20 is wrong can someon help me with this

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s not wrong, it’s just not working at the moment apparently.

      1. Vchomp


  96. anonymous

    Thank you so much really helped!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad to hear it!

  97. Feliprro

    The 196 is Jandel head and parase (Martian monkey potion )(turn in to a Martian monkey)

  98. Some_guy

    potion 203 is Bird + alien = zero gravity

  99. Feewewewdwd

    SUper good the 74 of premium is a mistery

  100. F3rn4nd0

    P95 and P99 are AirStrike + Frozen Egg?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Whoops, P95 should be Gun, it’s fixed now. Thanks!

      1. F3rn4nd0

        It’s nothing :), I’m happy to help

  101. killianbot11

    gun + frozen egg = freezegun

  102. Ropolax

    189 -> gun + fish
    193 -> gun + robux
    P95 -> gun + frozen egg

  103. Raider

    193 – buxshoot
    gun + robux

  104. Someone

    Potion 189 is fish + gun = water gun, and 193 is robux + gun = buxshoot

    1. Someone

      Also p95 is frozen egg + gun = freeze gun

  105. WKPRO

    189 is watergun potion (fish + gun)

  106. Wacky fan

    This is amazing

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad that you like it!

  107. Roblox Username: SpicyAlexsess

    The P74 (Potion 74) is supposed to be “Hat Grower” [ Robux + Giant’s Ear ]

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      That’s just potion 74, not P74, which is a premium potion and has to have a premium ingredient in it.

      1. idj

        Try hat of gears robux bians ear ?


    Potion 159 is Jandel’s head + Foryxe’s head + chameleon + pool noodle + chameleon and they changed potion 161 to pool noodle + fish.

  109. SMB Gamer

    177-Bounce-high Potion
    Frog + Bird

  110. Smuggy

    P90: Lilypad morph Magic Seed + Frog
    P91: Control Jump Zeus Beard + Frog
    P92: Uni Hat of Gears + Frog

  111. random internet person

    and 159 is the same 5 ingredients for the old jellyfish potion

  112. random internet person

    175 is bird + giraffe hoof + frog and 178 is the same thing with fairy and an extra frog

  113. Charmanderxyz00

    The 177 is bird and frog

  114. itchy

    P90: Iced-skin: Magic Seed, Frog
    P91:Control-jump: Zeus, Frog
    P92:Uni: Hat of gears, frog

  115. Sodawater

    Update in 9 hours

  116. pvondeh99

    Its weird how icicle and ice skin have different ingredients but show the same thing

  117. Remington

    Let Jandel fix 164 spell

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Hopefully, it will be fixed this wednesday when the update is released.

      1. moony


  118. Kimmy

    Some of them are broken 🙁

  119. danielmash4

    forgot 159 or 164

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      They are bugged or haven’t been found yet.

  120. Loading...

    Does anyone know what 159 is?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I have heard that it’s supposedly this: bird + chilli + giant’s ear + giraffe hoof. I can’t get it to work or confirm it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

      1. Venom The Acid Demon

        no its jandel head + foryxe head + chameleon + pool noodle + chameleon and its how did you find this potion and gives you rainbow potion arms

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          The comment you are replaying to is old and the recipe is already listed on this post.

  121. birby

    eggcano + frozen egg + pool noodle = eggy potion (roll around as a egg)

  122. Galaxy Egde

    So I found that Missle, skinny, and head explode have green highlight next to them, seems there is a combination about it.

  123. WANTS Rainbow Wings

    I saw a Player with Wings like the buzzing Potion just in Rainbow Colours

  124. Cj

    I cannot get 115 to work. I’ve tried so many times. Help!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      What part are you struggling with? The You ingredient seems to be bugged sometimes, you can try doing it in my private server:

  125. progamer

    it does not show any new potions on the list can u plz fix that

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Are they not listed at the top of the page for you?

  126. Theo

    Potion 154 and 164 what is?plis

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      154: Sticky-arms potion – Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + Honey

      We don’t know what 164 is yet.

      1. progamer

        what is potions 159 160 162 163 164

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          The only ones we’re missing are 159 and 164! If you don’t see them listed, make sure to refresh the page or clear your cache.

  127. Cookies

    Potion 161 is the Jellyfish potion.
    Strange thing is it’s ingredients are the same as Potion-Arms, only with an extra chameleon.
    To make the Jellyfish potion, Use Jandel Head + Foryxe Head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Chameleon

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks!

    2. qweqweqweqweqewqeqqeqweqw

      what does it do tho

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        Good question, didn’t do anything for me that I noticed.

  128. HL

    Hey I was in a game and someone had the crow potion but the crows were lava crows, maybe a new potion?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’ll look into it, thanks!

    2. ???

      you just need to mix lava skin and crows

  129. HiThere

    Potion P86 is Hat of Gear + Dynamite + Honey , it makes the sticky bomb potion

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  130. parkereon

    Potion 154 has been changed to Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + Honey

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Fixed, thanks!

  131. Feliprro

    Hey the 161 is buged is the same dan 158 the same proses but the name is jellyfish and that don’t do nothing the proces is Jandel head, foxie , camaleón and Pool noble pliz help me I tini is a bug

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      161 isn’t bugged, it just hasn’t been found. 158 works fine!

  132. CoolSuperVetas

    157.Blood-sucking potion (Grow bat wings!) Bird + Fairy + Spider

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  133. The Yes

    Bird + Fairy + Spider = Blood-sucking potion

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks!

  134. thespacedragon2k

    hey i think when we have effects and we shrink ourself into the pot i think it should have ourselfs and the effects we had on

  135. random internet person

    another potion, eggcano + chilli + frozen egg

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  136. Yesiamcool

    Hey I know what the premium potion 89 is its mr cauldron and fairy it lets you disco

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

      1. Yesiamcool

        Welcome I’ll try to find more potions to

  137. random internet person

    i discovered that bird and mr cauldron makes another “fuser potion” but when you drink it, it put disco balls above the heads of other players and makes them dance for potion 89

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I think you mean cauldron + fairy, but it’s been added now! Thanks.

      1. random internet person

        oh yeah my mistake

  138. F3rn4nd0

    Hey, KSI+Beans=BeanMan

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  139. leo

    The sticky arms potion have the same craft as sweet potion . So how can we craft sweet potion

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You can’t right now. It will likely be fixed in a future update.

  140. QwertyGaming2021

    I made all 155 normal potions thanks to this website

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad it helped you!

  141. Voidgragsksgsh


  142. pvondeh99

    Number 145 is Bird + eggcano (Become a fireball!)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It should have already been updated in the post!

      1. Voidgragsksgsh

        Hmmm you Right

  143. fizzy

    i have the potion 145 and it works its the eggcanno and the bird

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, thanks.

  144. belAmor

    premium salad on tree, why don’t you have combinations with it?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There’s only one potion that exists with it?

  145. this guy

    what are the real ingredients for 134 because i think its wrong??

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It appears that 154 has the same ingredients, so you can’t currently create 134. They will likely fix this in the future. For now, you can’t craft 134.

  146. 1a_li

    134 doesnt work for me

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s probably because potion 154 shares the same ingredients. I’m guessing one of them isn’t what it’s supposed to be.

      1. 1a_li

        oh ok thanks

  147. Some_guy

    I think that potion 145 might be cyclops eye + eggcano and it might make you into the bean boss

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It has been confirmed that it doesn’t work. I saw a screenshot of someone who saved the cyclops eye and they combined with eggcano and it didn’t make anything.

      1. Some_guy

        Oh ok

  148. Someone

    Hey for those of you looking for premium potion 71 the ingredients are.
    Eggcano, chameleon, Zeus’s beard. It’s called fire statue but it’s bugged.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Where’d you get that information? Haven’t seen it mentioned.

      1. Someone

        Lol I tired to make statue potion and apparently I made fire statue on accident!

  149. mr.mcnoob

    eggcano + rotten sandwich get u lava melt

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  150. Dark

    144 is eggcano and honey

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

  151. Imabunbun

    Thanks dude this was nice. I would of never known about the whole u being a ingredeant.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad it helped you!

  152. Wacky Wizard

    We can now be wacky ! 30 hours until update

  153. Wacky Wizard

    Its nice i now have all potions 🤠


      Do you also have all the premium potion?

      1. Agent_Dog

        I’m Working On The Premium Potions But I Have All Reg Potions Except 300 Sadly… And I’m Not Rich With Robux So I Have To Grind For Premium Ingredients Or Ask To Borrow One But It’s Tedious

  154. Not my real name

    Just wanted to say thank you for the help you’re providing! :3

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem!

  155. Frutilla

    What are the secret potions on wacky wizards, because I see in the description secret potions

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There are no real secret potions, it’s more just combining random stuff to make different things.

  156. How Do I Put the 57th potion

    How do I sumit answer (help the website)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You just write it in the comments, and I will add it to the site.

      1. Frutilla

        yo, you are the one that write the ingredients to the potions so we can copy them?

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Yes, I’m the one.

          1. Wacky Wizard

            One of Wizards

  157. TheGreatKnowing

    When it says mount, is “mount” another ingredient? This may be a stupid question but i want to know.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Mount is a new ingredient, but it can only be obtained by purchasing it with Gems.

  158. gold

    well potion p56 is frozen egg plus witches brew

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Whoops, had that one but it wasn’t in the bottom list. Thanks.

  159. Jack

    P57 Not showing up on the website

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No one knows what it is yet. We’ll update it as soon as we do.

      1. Jack

        Thanks for putting P57 on this website.

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          No problem!

  160. Mayor

    P55 Spinny legs = Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of Gears New way

    1. Mayor

      So fix it pls

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        Fixed, thanks.

  161. GoodAim

    Where do I find Justin?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)
  162. someone

    p55 bean and hat only works on old server the updated servers you need giraffe hoof, fairy, and hat of gears

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Thanks, I fixed it.

  163. dookieman

    p55 isn’t Hat of Gears + Beans because it uses 3 ingredients; so what is it?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It worked fine for me?

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        It did end up working for me with just the two, but I did find a recipe that has all three ingredients. I’ve listed them now.

  164. Jack

    The spinny legs potion is not working

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Worked fine for me!

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        I found another recipe for it, and added it to the list. Hopefully, that one will work for everybody.

  165. Bella


    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)
    2. Baby Yoda gamer

      you need small potion and drink that on your potion mixer

      1. Shiryuzaa007