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Wacky Wizards Disco Club Update – Potions & Ingredients!

The next patch to be released for Wacky Wizards is the Club Update! Learn everything there is to know about it in this post.
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In the middle of every week there is usually a brand new update for Wacky Wizards known as Wacky Wednesday! The patch will sometimes bring us a new ingredient, and just about always give us some new potions to brew. We will have all of the information you could want about this week’s that is set to be the Club Update in this post!

You can find every potion that exists in the game with our Wacky Wizards Potions List post!

Wacky Wizards Disco Club Update

The Disco Club Update has now been released and adds some new flair to the Cave Club. The ingredient you can get via a quest is the Disco Ball. You can find out what to do in our how to get the Disco Ball Guide!

There’s also a new Superhero Cape premium ingredient that you can purchase for 2,100 Gems!

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

  • 218: Discoman potionDisco Ball (Become the man of disco)
  • 219: FIRE MUH LASER potionAlien Parasite + Disco Ball (Fire Lasers)
  • 220: Techno-viking potion – Giant’s Ear + Disco Ball (Become the Techno Viking)
  • 221: Confetti-cannon potionGun + Disco Ball (Fire the confetti cannon)
  • 222: Neon-body potionChameleon + Disco Ball (Become the neon party animal!)
  • 223: Disco-head potion – Brain + Disco Ball (Grow a disco head!)
  • 224: Disco-body potion – Brain + Disco Ball + You (Become the disco)
  • 225: Confettiplosion potionDynamite + Disco Ball (Explode into confetti)
  • 226: Tail potionWitches Brew + Disco Ball (Tail)
  • 227: Afro potionRobux + Disco Ball (Get that bling bling afro)
  • 228: Rainfro potionRobux + Disco Ball + Chameleon (Get that bling bling rainbow afro)
  • 229: Pet frog potionFrog + Pet Tags (Pet Frog)
  • 230: Disco-grenande potionChilli + Disco Ball (Disco Grenande)
  • 231: Speaker potion – Fairy + Disco Ball (Disco Grenande)
  • 232: Slinky potion – Pool Noodle + Disco Ball (Become the Human Slinky)
  • P107: Superman potion – Superhero Cape (Become the superman)
  • P108: Spider-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Spider (Become Spider-Dude)
  • P109: Green-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Giant’s Ear (Become the big green dude whos mad)
  • P110: Invisible potion – Superhero Cape + Chameleon (Become invisible… whenever you want!)
  • P111: Portal potion – Superhero Cape + Gun (Think in portals)
  • P112: Aquaman potion – Superhero Cape + Fish (Become part of the sea!!!)
  • P113: Werewolf potion – Superhero Cape + Witches Brew (HOWWWWL)
  • P114: Purple-dude potion – Superhero Cape + Zeus’s Beard (Purple Dude)
  • P115: Human-torch potion – Superhero Cape + Chilli (The HUMAN TORCH)
  • P116: Purple-car potion – Superhero Cape + Wheel (You could live with your failure)
  • P117: Sabre potion – Superhero Cape + Boxing Gloves (VOOOSH)
  • P118: Flash potion – Superhero Cape + Giraffe Hoof (SUPER SPEEDY)
  • P119: Frog-mount potion – Mount + Frog (Ride a Frog)
  • P120: Fart-villain potion – Rotten Sandwich + Superhero Cape (Become the villain of fart)
  • P121: Manbat potion – Superhero Cape + Robux (Be the man bat… wait the batman? no… no… manbat?)
  • P122: Ivy potion – Superhero Cape + Magic Seed (The poison ivy)

Wacky Weekends Instead of Wacky Wednesday!

It looks like going forward it will be Wacky Weekends instead of Wednesdays:

Hey guys no wacky Wednesday today, we are changing it to wacky weekends

From Jandel in the Whacky Wizards Roblox Group

Last Week’s Update

The previous Wacky Wednesday brought us the Secrets Update! This added many hidden ingredients that were scattered around the map. These were things like Nexure’s Head, Nomer’s Head, Void Star, Axolotl, Fedora, and Mariofly5’s Mask. There were some new potions added to the game as well, but overall it was a pretty small update.

Here are all of the recipes for the new potions in this update:

  • 209: Nexure potion – Nexure’s Head (Become Nexure!)
  • 210: Nomer potion – Nomer’s Head (Become Nomer!)
  • 211: Void star potion – Void Star (Become StarWars!)
  • 212: Long-bee potion – Pool Noodle + Sleepy Bee (Become a LOONG BEE)
  • 213: Gill potion – Axolotl (Grow Axolotl Gills)
  • 214: Axolotl potion – You + Axolotl (AXOLOTL)
  • 215: Flying-bean potion – Bird + Beans (Become a flying bean)
  • 216: Fedora potion – Fedora (GAMER)
  • 217: Mariofly potion – Mariofly5’s Mask (Become Mariofly5)

That’s everything we currently know about the Club Update for Wacky Wizards! We will be covering all aspects of this new addition to the game, so be sure to check out the Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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