How to get the Cane in Wacky Wizards

We'll show you exactly where you need to go and what to do to get the Walking Cane in Roblox Wacky Wizards!
Featured Wacky Wizards Walking Cane

In the Roblox Wacky Wizards November 17th, 2021 update of the game we were given the Walking Cane to obtain! If you’re hoping to find out how exactly you get this new ingredient, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get it! You will be able to create a bunch of different potions and other fun stuff with this newly added ingredient to the game.

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How to get the Cane Ingredient

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The Walking Cane is a pretty easy to get ingredient in Wacky Wizards. Just follow the steps listed out below, and you will have it in no time!

  1. Get a Fire Potion and head to Oz’s Cave

    Craft a Fire Potion with the Chilli ingredient, and bring it over to Oz’s cave. This is the area right behind the big tree, next to the Goblin Village. It’s a cave with bushes that you can run through at the entrance. Go inside and go behind the house to find a bush that you can use the Fire potion on. Tap on the bush and you should set it on fire.Walking Cane Guide001

  2. Head back to Cauldron and make a Dynamite potion

    Go back to your Cauldron and throw in the Dynamite ingredient. Brew that potion and you will have an explosive. Head back to the area where you burned the bushes, and down the ladder to the door. Drink the potion next to the door and you should break it open.Walking Cane Guide002

  3. Make the Oz potion

    Before heading back, you will need to brew the Oz potion. This requires Jandel and Foryxe‘s heads. One is located in the Club cave under the waterfall on the shelf next to all of the lined up potions. The other one can be found in the desert near the witches cave. Throw those both into your cauldron and bring the potion back to the door that you destroyed. Head down the stairs and you should see a door that says, Oz only. Drink the potion to turn into Oz and head through the purple door.Walking Cane Guide003

  4. Grab the wallet

    Once inside the room, look on the table and you should see a wallet. Click around on it until you pick it up, it can be hard to grab, so keep trying. You can move your camera around, try different things so it eventually works.Walking Cane Guide004

  5. Give the wallet to Oz

    Once you have the wallet, run out of the room and through the door you blew up. Climb up the stairs and bring the wallet to Oz. Once you have given it to him, he will give you the Walking Cane ingredient! Bring it back to your cauldron so that you can use it!Walking Cane Guide005

Here’s a list of all of the new potions:

  • 311: Revive-player potionUndead + Witches Brew (Revive after drying!)
  • 312: Old potionWalking Cane (Become old)
  • 313: Builders-club-hat potionWalking Cane + Brain (Get a builders club hat!)
  • 314: Flamingo-gf potionWalking Cane + Bird (Become flamingo’s girlfriend)
  • 315: Builderman potionWalking Cane + You (Become builderman)
  • 316: Domino-crown potionWalking Cane + Frog (Become builderman)
  • 317: Old-vision potionWalking Cane + Ghost (Get old-timey vision)
  • 318: Dog-vision potionWalking Cane + Pet Tags (Get dog vision)
  • 319: Ninja-mask-of-awesome potionWalking Cane + Eggcano (Equip the ninja mask of awesome!)
  • 320: Guest potionWalking Cane + Pool Noodle (Become a guest!)
  • 321: Studded-brick potionWalking Cane + Giraffe Hoof (Become a studded brick!)
  • 322: Old-movie-vision potionWalking Cane + Pet Tags + Walking Cane + Ghost (Get old movie vision!)
  • 323: Clash-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn (Equip the classic sword!)
  • 324: Winged-bean potionWalking Cane + Beans (Become a winged bean!)
  • 325: Throw-tix potionWalking Cane + Robux (MAKE IT RAIN TIX!)
  • 326: Old-glinda potionWalking Cane + Witches Brew (Become Old Glinda)
  • 327: Old-oz potionOz’s Wallet (Become the Old OG Oz)
  • P126: Anime-run potion – Anime Sword of Destiny (Run in style)
  • P127: Last-skyfolder potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Bird (Become arrow head!)
  • P128: Lightning potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Frozen Egg (Become Electric!)
  • P129: Dragonblox-z potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Brain (Dragonblox Z)
  • P130: Ninja potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Spider (Become a ninja!)
  • P131: Energy-ball potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Ghost (Fire an energyball!)
  • P132: Believe-it potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Eggcano (Believe it!)
  • P133: Cursed-gloves potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Boxing Gloves (Get cursed gloves!)
  • P134: Airbender-glider potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Bird + Anime Sword of Destiny (Get the air glider!)
  • P135: Lightning-blast potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Dynamite (Cast a powerful lightning spell)
  • P136: Flame-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn + Anime Sword of Destiny (Equip a powerful sword!)
  • P137: Blue-flame-sword potionWalking Cane + Corn + Anime Sword of Destiny + Fish (Equip a powerful blue sword!)
  • P138: Froggirl potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Frog (Become a frog girl!)
  • P139: Fire-bow potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Gun (Get a fire bow)
  • P140: Ground-pound potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Giraffe Hoof (Ground AOE attack!)
  • P141: Akimbo-katanas potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Corn (Equip 2 katanas!)
  • P142: Titan potion – Anime Sword of Destiny + Giant’s Ear (Attack on Roblox!)
  • P143: Classic-tree potionWalking Cane + Magic Seed (Become a tree!)

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Walking Cane in Wacky Wizards! There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Potions & Recipes List and Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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