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Hearthstone United in Stormwind Launch Time

We're taking a look at what time you can expect the launch of the United in Stormwind Hearthstone expansion!
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It’s new expansion time in Hearthstone again, and this time we get the release of United in Stormwind! This is the 18th expansion released in the game, and should change up the meta quite a bit. We should see some pretty interest new decks come into the format with the new questline cards and the addition of the tradeable keyword! We’ll take a look at what time you can expect the expansion to release, and some decks that you can try in the early days of the meta.

United in Stormwind Launch Dates & Times

These times are based on when past Hearthstone expansions have been launched. They have always been pretty accurate, and we don’t expect any change for this new set.

  • NA: August 3rd, 10AM PT
  • EU: August 3rd, 7PM CEST / August 3rd, 6PM BST
  • Asia: August 4th, 2AM KST / August 4th, 1AM CST
  • CN: August 4th, 1AM CST

Be sure to check out our roundup of the Best decks in the United in Stormwind expansion post!

Decks to Try in United in Stormwind

If you’re looking for some theorycraft and deck ideas for United in Stormwind, we’ve got a variety of lists featured below from pro players and streamers. We’ll be adding more decks for each of the classes as soon as more are tried out and start to gain traction within the meta.


One good quest leads to another! Questlines begin in your hand and have three steps of requirements and rewards, finishing with a powerful Legendary mercenary minion!

The part of the United in Stormwind expansion that will loom the largest over the meta in the weeks to come are Questlines. Each class has gotten a quest, and each one has three steps that can be completed, and the end reward is a powerful minion. This minion usually comes with a very powerful effect, and in most cases is something that will be usable throughout the game!

  • Final Showdown
  • Lost in the Park
  • Defend the Dwarven District
  • Sorcerer's Gambit
  • Rise to the Occasion
  • Seek Guidance
  • Find the Imposter
  • Command the Elements
  • The Demon Seed
  • Raid the Docks

Tradeable Keyword

Stormwind is full of merchants looking for a good deal. Cards with the Tradeable keyword can be played like normal, or traded with a random card in your deck for the low price of 1 Mana.

The new tradeable keyword allows you to trade cards back to your deck to draw a new one for 1 mana. You can do this by dragging the tradeable card to your deck, and it will be shuffled back and you will draw a new card. This is great for cards that might not be usable in the moment, and can help cycle through to cards that you might need!

Those are the basics of the soon to be released United in Stormwind expansion. We’ll be covering many new decks and anything noteworthy about the game in the Hearthstone section of our website!

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