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How to get the Carrot in Wacky Wizards

We'll show you exactly where you need to go and what to do to get the Carrot in Roblox Wacky Wizards!
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In the Roblox Wacky Wizards December 15th, 2021 update of the game we were given the Carrot ingredient to obtain! If you’re hoping to find out how exactly you get this new ingredient, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get it! You will be able to create a bunch of different potions and other fun stuff with this newly added ingredient to the game.

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How to get the Carrot Ingredient

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To get the Carrot ingredient in Wacky Wizards, you will need to head to the new farm area and wack some moles with a mallet. If you can wack enough moles, you will earn yourself the carrot.

  1. Go to the farm

    Head to where the spider cave area is near the graveyard. You can climb up the ramp or fly over to it. Grab the mallet/hammer, smack the mole that is near the hammer with it to start the mole whacking minigame.Wacky Wizards Farm Location Image

  2. Smack at least 20 Moles

    Once the game starts you will have 120 seconds to hit at least 20 moles with the hammer. This isn’t too difficult, but if you’re having trouble, make sure to drink a potion that speeds you up. You can use the Flybux potion, which just requires the Robux and Bird ingredient. You can also just use a speed potion, which requires as many Giraffe Hooves as you can throw into the pot.Wacky Wizards Mole Smacking Image

  3. Collect the carrot

    If you were able to hit at least 20 moles before the time ends, you will find the new carrot ingredient right next to the farm where the first mole could be found. Just grab it and head back to your cauldron to throw it in the pot!Wacky Wizards Carrot Location Image

Here’s a look at some of the potions you can make with the carrot ingredient:

  • 357: Carrot potionCarrot (Become a carrot)
  • 358: Potato-head potionCarrot + Gingerbread Man (Become mr. potato head)
  • 359: Mrs-potato-head potionCarrot + Gingerbread Man + Fairy (Become mrs. potato head)
  • 360: Celery-legs potionCarrot + Giraffe Hoof (Get celery legs)
  • 361: Celery-arms potionCarrot + Pool Noodle (Get celery arms)
  • 362: Bunny potionCarrot + Frog (Become a bunny!)
  • 363: Carrot-eyes potionCarrot + Walking Cane (Get Vitamin-A vision!)
  • 364: Sad-onion potionCarrot + Fish (Become a sad onion ;()
  • 365: Eggplant-morph potionCarrot + 2021 Pumpkin (Become an eggplant)
  • 366: Ketchup-morph potionCarrot + Eggcano (Become ketchup!)
  • 367: Ketchup-flamethrower potionCarrot + Eggcano + Gun (Get a ketchup flamethrower)
  • 368: Melon-morph potionCarrot + Chameleon (Become a melon!)
  • 369: Mole-morph potionCarrot + Undead (Become a mushroom!)
  • 370: Mushroom-morph potionCarrot + Cooked Turkey (Become a mushroom!)
  • 371: Tomato-morph potionCarrot + Chilli (Become a tomato!)
  • 372: Avocado-morph potionCarrot + Beans (Become an avocado!)
  • 373: Tomato-grenade potionCarrot + Dynamite (Get a tomato grenade!)
  • 374: Salad-morph potionCarrot + Spider (Become a salad!)

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Carrot in Wacky Wizards! There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Potions & Recipes List and Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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