Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness and Strength Chart

We're taking a look at both the strengths and weaknesses of Ghost-type Pokemon, so you know how to use and what to bring out against them!
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To become the ultimate Pokemon trainer, you are going to need all of the strengths and weakness of the Pokemon on your team and that you are battling against. These are not always cut-and-dry, because some types will have immunities and be vulnerable to things that don’t necessarily make sense. If you’re wondering about what the Ghost-type is super effective against or vulnerable to, we’ll teach you what you need to know in this guide!

This chart will work for all current games, such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you want to see all of the weaknesses and strengths, head to our Pokemon Type Chart guide!

Ghost Pokemon Weakness & Strength Chart

Strong AgainstWeak AgainstResistant toVulnerable to

Ghost is the only type that has multiple immunities (Normal and Fighting). Foresight, Odor Sleuth, and Scrappy can all be used to eliminate these immunities. All trapping attacks and Abilities, including the binding effect of moves like Infestation, are no longer effective against Ghost-type Pokémon as of Generation VI. Regardless of Speed, Ghost types will always flee from chaotic conflicts. Will-O-Wisp and other status-inducing moves may be learned by most Ghost-type Pokemon.

Curse, a type-specific attack for Ghost-type Pokemon, acts differently than it does for other Pokemon. The Ghost type is added to the target’s types as a result of Trick-or-Treat.

In Generation VI, Steel-type Pokemon no longer resists Ghost-type attacks, hence Ghost is tied with Dragon as the least resisted type, being resisted by Dark but ineffectual against Normal. Only Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark can withstand a mix of Fighting and Ghost-type attacks at the moment (except when Trick-or-Treat is considered).

Ghost-type moves are usually considered Clever moves in Contests, although they might also be any of the other Contest criteria.

Ghost Type Weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokemon have weaknesses to Ghost and Dark moves when on defense. While on offense, Normal Pokemon are immune against their attacks, and Dark Pokemon take less damage from them.

Ghost Type Strengths

Ghost-type moves are strong (Super Effective) against both Ghost and Psychic Pokemon. When a Ghost Pokemon is on defense, they are resistant to Bug and Poison moves, and are immune to Fighting and Normal attacks.

Other Pokemon Types

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That is all you need to know about the strengths and weakness of the Ghost-type in the various games of the franchise. We’ve got more detailed content in the Pokemon section of our website.

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